From Aristotle to current big companies why every parameter is set according to men’s needs?

No No, we are not talking that males don’t need women in their personal life male don’t want women in their professional life or we can say men don’t prefer women to be present in every section of society.

Being a philosopher in terms of gender equality is very easy. Males say they believe in gender equality but in hindsight they use weak words in reciprocal to women.

The world talks about gender equality, yet males typically only express themselves verbally. It’s shocking to see that recent data from 62 nations shows that 58% of males oppose equality and 95% of guys prefer the word “weak”  in return to women.

What Survey says ??


In this study, which included roughly 27,343 people, only 3% of the participants were women.

Participants in the survey were asked what they thought about personality qualities and how significant they thought they were to a man or a woman.

Men’s dual mindsets are seen in the survey Both good and negative results from the survey were found, although men’s positive attitudes persisted.

There were socialist outcomes for women at the same time. The survey’s findings indicate that males have a split mindset.

People like to think of males as the company’s boss. Communication skills are thought to be better in women.

According to the survey, youngsters may be more affected by these findings, which may change how they see things.


Gender discrimination is been rooted in our culture

  • If A boy purposes to a girl he is sweet, confident, and romantic but if a girl is doing the same Society gives a character certificate in her hand and she is also called desperate.

When I was finding points on the internet that why girls purposes first, Many intellectuals commented that a girl has many options so she takes her time to decide and some said that women don’t commit first as it is biological, some also said that the only thirsty go to the well.

This is so a demeaning joke right ?? What if some day wife wishes to have sex from her husband, then this helpless male will die of culture shock. The purpose is just a small example. Our society has more to say about discrimination, According to society it means that the work is the same, but its meanings are different. My friend this is what sexism is called.

  • When a man goes to the gym, he is randomly referred to as a “fitness freak” and “health conscious,” and even the nearby hamlet vendor will say, “Bhaiya aa gym mehnat krke,”
  • But when a woman goes, people tend to say that she wants to expose her body and she is only going to the gym to crave attention. Seriously?
  • A woman working in an office is referred to as an irregular and careless wife and even her family members accuse her of not giving her family and husband enough time.
  • In contrast, a man going to work is referred to as a hard-working employee.
  • When a male boss yells, it is considered disciplined; when a female boss yells, mood swings and hormone shifts enter the picture.
  • Let’s proceed from the workplace to the kitchen. If a man prepares meals once a week or takes care of his child, he is referred to as supportive.
  • However, if a woman has been carrying out this duty for years, how does our society characterize her? Of course, it’s only duty.
  • We’ve all noticed that if a man speaks more in public, it’s a sign that he’s socially active, but if a woman does the same, she’s labeled talkative, gossipy, and occasionally flirty.

As December is approaching, we’ll also be attending a wedding. When was the last time you saw a woman dancing carefree?

Can a guy only perform Nagin dance? On the occasion of a sangeet celebration or a mehndi function, a woman is seen dancing and this also causes senior citizens’ brows to lift.

The girl is frequently referred to as shameless as a result of these things their marriage has even been known to fail.

The thing is that our society is programmed in such a way that every law and rule is anti-woman. Different beliefs for both guys and women for the same work is the basic problem of our society and it needs both men and women to have an eye on it.