The register is basically the official written record of names or events or transactions. Banking Registers are the records that are maintained in order to keep track of your banking transactions.

Numia, online accounting software not only helps you to record your accounting transactions or maintain your banking records but also enables you to edit or delete the transaction. You can view the report of the transactions of each and every bank separately within your desired time period.

The steps involved are as follows:

  • Select Bank-> Banking Registers.
  • Select the bank name to view the accounting transactions in that specified bank.
  • Select the account name.
  • Now you can view the list of transactions made in that bank in the corresponding account name.
  • Edit or delete the transaction by just clicking the edit or delete icons which are viewed by moving the cursor over the transaction.
  • You can also customize the report by clicking the “Customize” option. Customizing allows you to view the transaction report within specified dates and to differentiate the transactions based on reconciliation.
  • You can also export the report to an “Excel spreadsheet” or simply print it.