Harris Poll recently found that the majority of cryptocurrency investors believe they are well-equipped to make it big in the future. This survey asked Americans about their perceptions of billionaires. It also found that Gen Zers and millennials are more optimistic than other age groups.

Harris Poll Survey: Crypto still seen as a billionaire-maker investment

Although some cryptocurrency investors have lost confidence due to the downturn in global economic conditions and subsequent deceleration of crypto and traditional stock markets, there are many who remain optimistic. Harris Poll conducted a survey in July that revealed cryptocurrency investors remain optimistic about the industry’s future.

Harris Poll reached out to nearly 2,000 Americans for their thoughts on billionaires. According to 71% of respondents, cryptocurrency investors believed that they could become billionaires in the future. This is a significant percentage compared with the 44% of the other groups.

Similar results were also reported by 60% who said that they would like to make a fortune and look up to billionaires.

Gen Z and Millennials are Confident Too

Survey results show that Gen Zers, millennials and others are confident in their ability to become billionaires. They are often associated with financial technology, such as fintech and crypto.

A survey by Devere Group in 2020 found that two-thirds of millennials preferred bitcoin over gold to be a secure haven. Nigel Green (CEO and founder, Devere Group) stated that at the time:

The findings that indicate that millennials prefer bitcoin to gold are consistent with that of the cryptocurrency’s growing popularity as an asset class that can be used for safety and security.

Green also suggested that the rising interest in cryptocurrency by younger generations is linked to the inflation and devaluation global economies face due to high levels of unbacked fiat money. According to Green, bitcoin’s unique attributes, which are non-sovereign and decentralized and scarce as well as a store and store of value, could give it an advantage over traditional fiat currencies like gold.