This topic has been discussed in many areas like forums, blogs, different account-related websites. So I thought to write a few lines about Numia with other online accounting software.

Buying accounting software is a major investment. It’s an important decision and you need to be sure of all the facts before you buy. You certainly wouldn’t want to get accounting software and then find a few months later that the software can’t handle your growing business. And worst of all you don’t want to get the software with little or no support.

Software Prices

The cheapest software cost US $90 and the most expensive software cost US $1,500. But Numia absolutely Freeware and mainly it has all the features as many paid services.

Software Features

As per our analyzing team, each accounting software package has been thoroughly analyzed and there is a detailed breakdown showing the features of each. Most packages offer all the most important accounting modules. It was interesting to note that the most expensive software did not offer some of the modules offered by Numia.

Software Support

The most important feature in our opinion is the support. In Numia we give instant reply to your e-mails and also there are Video tutorials to guide you to use our product very easily.

Thus, Numia has all the features and also it can compete with other major accounting software in the future.