Saving energy is the easiest way to reduce business costs. Making small changes in the process in which your business energy UK uses energy gives you big savings. 

You have to need to check your meter readings regularly. This is essential to understand how much energy is used in your business and how you make the biggest energy cost savings.

With energy bills, introducing measures to minimize energy use in your business can improve your sustainability credentials and save you money.

By installing low-cost utility energy provider efficiencies measures, such as smart timers or LED lighting, your business could start to reduce costs and save energy. 

By installing energy efficiency measures you should make a more comfortable work environment, reduce energy bills, increase profitability, reduce exposure to future energy price rises, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Improve energy efficiency in the UK

There are different ways to improve your business to make it energy efficient:

  • Minimize your heating 
  • Fit insulation
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Use a new or energy-efficient boiler
  • Energy-efficient fittings
  • Produce energy from renewable sources

Tips to maximize energy efficiency in your business

To help you save money in your business, below are some tips for low-cost energy efficiency measures that are easy to carry out.

Sustain your equipment

The most common factor around all the measures is the need to sustain your equipment to ensure it’s operating efficiently. 

So, these are including cleaning light fittings and windows to keep compressed air filters and ventilation clean, checking door seals, and repairing leaks and holes.

Measure your energy savings

There is one important thing that you read your meters regularly. Because this will help you know how your business energy UK is using energy and where much energy is being wasted.

Oversight your heating

Always try to minimize heating temperatures in the winter by one degree. Because this temperature can reduce your heating bill by up to eight percent. 

On the other hand, in summer, maximize the set point for your air conditioning. You need to make sure that thermostats are accurate by placing them away from direct sunlight and draughts.

Avoid wasting heat

When heating or air conditioning is running, you need to keep doors and windows closed. Always ensure that your premises are well-insulated, and fitting draught excluders should be very cost-effective, with little payback times.

Squeeze your air costs

Pressed air is frequently generated at maximum pressure. For example, maximizing pressure by 10% can lead to 5% savings in energy. 

Make incremental, small reductions, inspecting that operations are not affected. Also, check and fix leaks regularly, even a small leak can cost you a large amount per year in wasted energy.

Switch your lights

The energy, department for business, and industrial plan gauge that switching from normal bulbs to LEDs can save energy for businesses up to eighty percent in raising energy costs. 

While combining LEDs with sensors that turn lights on automatically in rooms helps you to save even more energy. And the most essential thing is don’t forget to use natural lighting, where possible.

Update your equipment

The kitchen appliances and old IT equipment can guzzle a lot of energy. So, remove the things you don’t need and replace essential equipment with energy-efficient alternatives. 

Maximize airflow

The incorrect workspace layout can use up more energy and block heat. However, there is a need to improve airflow by moving workbenches, filing cabinets, and sofas away from radiators. 

If you have air conditioning units in your business energy UK place, give the fans, filters, and vents a regular clean so they work efficiently.

Block draughts

It is easy to spam draughts and just crank up the hotness if you work in an old building. But this can be avoided frequently. Double-glazing effectively reduces heat loss if you want to invest for the long term. 

Alternatively, heavy curtains, draft excluders, and closing the blinds as the sun goes down are effective affordable ways to increase energy efficiency in your business.

Order an energy audit

Large businesses need to make an energy audit by law, whereas small businesses are not. But many small businesses do them anyway and get them very beneficial. 

An energy audit is essential for a thorough assessment to know how you use energy equipment, your heating habits, and more. However, by understanding your energy output in-depth, you can identify different ways to save energy.


The increasing cost of utility energy provider has put a strain on many areas across the UK, because they are facing an unparalleled rise in wholesale electricity and gas prices.