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The arrangement of sexual wellbeing is as indispensable very much like each and every other framework. Wellbeing and sexuality are at their most elevated when individuals are in their 30-and 40-years of age. They can perform at the most significant levels possible. However as we become older, our ability to perform diminishes. As we age, our sexual longing diminishes. This is because of the way that as we age our wellbeing framework for sexuality will likewise start to decline.

Men between the ages of 50 and sixties are many times concerned in regards to their ability to keep a sexual erection. This is really difficult for any man who needs to boost the satisfaction their other lives. It very well may be because of the absence of food Most authorities on the matter would agree. One more justification behind this issue is a low expectation for everyday life. The longing for sexual satisfaction can be difficult to come by for individuals who are rest inadequate.

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Different over-the-counter medications can aid this respect. In any case, the greater part of these meds are just viable for a short timeframe. They are fleeting and hence, they should be rehashed.

To this end men will quite often search for regular answers for be utilized to for all time take care of the issue. Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies becomes possibly the most important factor here. Normal supplementation that upgrades the physical and sexual strength of people.

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What is Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies SA?

The enhancement is liberated from counterfeit fixings, which makes this a protected, solid wellbeing supplement. As well as raising testosterone levels supplement supports keeping your organs sound within, ensuring that blood stream is liquid through them. This supplement has the unmistakable capacity to help men in keeping an erection that is solid and stable over the course of the time they need to.

In the space of sexual wellbeing, guys are very concerned. this is the best enhancement because of its non-GMO nature importance there aren’t any destructive synthetic or fillers utilized during the time spent assembling. The case is totally not debased by hurtful energizers and won’t make a propensity inside the body of the client. In view of this Supplement it is accepted that the Enhancement has an extraordinary opportunity for progress , and it has no regrettable undesirable side unfavourable impacts.

Have you a hints about how it capabilities?

This tablet for male upgrade works on your regenerative wellbeing, helps keep it healthy and supports the presentation of erectile brokenness. The fixing in this supplement is high in cancer prevention agents that assistance to bring down the body’s feelings of anxiety and dispose of any poisons that are available. A sound body can work on the flow of blood all through the body.

Whenever you have begun the progression of blood and oxygen to the corpora cavernosa through this enhancement and a couple of different enhancements, men will appreciate more agreeable, all the more enduring erections. Moreover this container manages course, diminishes pressure and keeps up with hydration all through the body. It renews your body’s essentialness and upgrades the resistant framework as well as the dozing quality.

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The Supplemental Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies SA contains the accompanying fixings:

Each man has worries about erectile issues eventually in his life no matter what the age. This implies that their confidence and associations with their mates are impacted. The recipe contains thirty parts to guarantee the strength of their sexual organs, as referenced beforehand.

Quercetin: furthermore , to diminishing pulse, quercetin likewise goes about as additionally a great wellspring of L-ascorbic acid. Individuals have seen an improvement in actual execution due to this outcome. As circulatory strain falls the enlargement of veins sets off an impact that fountains. As such the expanded progression of blood to the penis is a consequence of this.

Glutamate: With regards to synapses, glutamate can have an impact that is positive. These synapses work on sexual execution and increment moxie. With these synapses, clients can profit from the benefits of a working the focal sensory system.

Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto is an extraordinary choice for the people who need to get more fit. This enhancement, on other hand, helps in the development of testosterone in guys. The prostate is solid on account of the right testosterone levels. For this reason normal enhancement clients can keep their erections better and for longer.

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Pygmy Bark Concentrate Incontinence and evening urinary plot contaminations are ordinary objections of those experiencing awful prostate wellbeing. In this case the pygmy bark concentrate could help. It additionally helps with the anticipation of diseases that influence the urinary lot.

Catechine: By taking this supplement expanding the degrees of testosterone inside your body is conceivable. This aides in the general prosperity of your sex organ as well as the prostate. Moreover, the sexual conceptive framework works better when clients are utilizing it.

L-ascorbic acid: L-ascorbic acid helps with reinforcing the invulnerable framework by expanding level of nutrient. This supplement wipes out impurities and squanders out of the body. Furthermore it forestalls the spread of irresistible microscopic organisms and infections. The impacts of oxidative pressure, synthetic substances and free extremists are known to hurt the body, explicitly those organs that produce conceptive chemicals. It additionally helps with taking out destructive substances because of the power given by this nutrient.

L-Arginine: The accommodating amino corrosive L-arginine can tracked down in numerous food things, like poultry, fish, as well as dairy items. Nutrient L-arginine helps to work on the capacity of your body make protein. It likewise supports the upgrade of blood stream. Nitric oxide is delivered in the wake of ingesting L-arginine. Since veins enlarge and the penis is in a straight situation for extensive stretches because of the nitric oxide.

Many Advantages of Utilizing Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies, a dietary enhancement

•           To expand the progression of blood into the penis. This supplement makes a difference. This is because of the way that nitric oxide is a vasodilator. The parts in this supplement make a huge amount of nitric oxide which prompts the ideal outcomes.

•           Stress and tension could be diminished by this enhancement. This implies you’ll encounter more certain outcomes in your room.

•           The overall state of mind and energy of individuals who utilize this Supplement habitually likewise gets to the next level. Wellbeing specialists for men accept this is because of the enhancement’s capacity to help mind-set, memory and rest.

•           Lack of sleep can prompt an erectile brokenness. A sound night’s rest and a functioning day are two benefits that enhancement for broadening of the penis that clients can expect.

•           Likewise, an improvement in rest and mind-set can help perseverance. There is compelling reason need to feel void of energy. In this way the sex business does precisely exact thing it says on the tin.

•           Improving testosterone creation is one more benefit from this enhancement. At the point when DHT converts to oestrogen, testosterone capabilities like a manly chemical and stop the course of transformation. Eventually, sexual execution and moxie are expanded.

•           Muscle versus fat that is inordinate is shed through raising testosterone levels. All the while, clients notice an expansion in fearlessness and confidence.

•           Individuals who take these containers can monitor their eating regimens.

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The negative side results that Lord Cobra’s Chewy candies have

There are no unfavourable side outcomes to this tablet for male upgrade and is made out of just regular fixings. It is XL enhancement is produced in a non sans gmo climate which implies it doesn’t have hurtful fillers or synthetic compounds commonly utilized in other wellness supplements. The enhancement additionally demonstrates that no bad wellbeing impacts are being thought of. In any case, it cautions that it ought to a more established be just consumed by an individual than 18 and with the help by a grown-up.

What number of Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies could I at any point consume?

2 tablets from these pills should be required consistently and for at least 3 to a half year to be viewed as satisfactory. To this end the fixings in this supplement are not propensity shaping and protected to take for quite some time.

The outcomes and the life span of Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies SA

The consequences of these tablets and audits demonstrate the way that better quality improvement can be surveyed than be valuable for the body after somewhere around 3 to a half year of constant utilization of this item. Besides, assume that this supplement is consumed with a cognizant psyche and in steady pursuits for three to a half year, joined by a proper wellness and weight reduction routine. On the off chance that that is what is going on, the advantages could keep going for a more drawn out time frame.

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Why Is Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies SA the Ideal Decision for You?

Re-establishing erectile brokenness is conceivable through this enhancement. In view of the exploration accessible the strong mix is normal and liberated from unfavourable adverse consequences.

Endurance and endurance increment, satisfaction for the two accomplices and erections that last longer. Other medical advantages incorporate decreasing the possibility creating coronary illness and prostate and kidney issues.

The utilization of this enhancement to your eating regimen can bring about more extended and more heavy penis.

It is totally free in poisons, energizers as well as hereditarily adjusted living organic entities (GMOs).

When the equation is assimilated into in the circulatory system, it will start to work. For this reason various clients have gotten results inside just seven days of taking the Enhancement. It is prescribed to involve it for something like a half year to obtain the best results.


In view of surveys, this supplement is made out of every single normal part, which are crucial in improving the body’s overall wellness. The male upgrade supplement is a combination of numerous supplements and nutrients, which supply the body with the essential proteins expected to keep up with circulatory strain and blood dissemination across the whole body. To upgrade sexual wellbeing this tablet was planned. It keeps a solid erection, and furthermore facilitates any issues connected with sexual generation.

Men between the ages of 50 and sixties frequently express worries in regards to their ability to keep an erection. This Supplement is one of a kind in its capacity to help men to keep a viable and steady erection. It isn’t hereditarily changed and in this way, it doesn’t contain hurtful synthetic compounds or fillers utilized during the time spent assembling. Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies contain thirty parts to keep up with the soundness of your sexual framework. It assists with recharging your body’s energy levels and works on the resistant framework as well as the nature of rest.

Expert to say the outdated manners nobody expects


It is 2023 and much has changed in the past few years – with many of us working from home and relying on technology more than ever. 

And according to etiquette expert William Hanson, some may have forgotten how best to behave while in public, particularly with regard social settings. 

He told FEMAIL there needs to be a refocus on the manners that best reflect the age in which we live. 

William explained: ‘Society may have changed, but good manners are timeless, ageless, class less and priceless. 


While William doesn’t have a problem with people using earpods, he suggests you should take them out when in conversation with someone 

‘They will always be with us and needed. 

‘However relaxed we are as a society, there will always be a code of acceptable behaviour.’

Here he brings the dos and don’ts of etiquette which will see us through 2023…



Good manners: He says it is always polite to hold a door open for someone, regardless of their sex

Good manners: He says it is always polite to hold a door open for someone, regardless of their sex

Traditionally, men often held open the door to ladies. This was often for practical reasons as women’s skirts were big and voluminous and they often needed both hands to get through a door. Today, you should hold a door open to people of all sexes. It is simply polite. 


While some people get het up about pronouns and think they are woke and left-wing, I think they are a good idea. When you work across the globe, often you don’t know if the person you are writing to is male or female. 

So I personally think it’s better when you sign your email with he / she, especially when you have a name like Alex or Sam which could be either or.  It is much better than addressing someone by the wrong sex. 


We definitely need to bring these back. Recently, I sent a few Christmas presents and I heard nothing back. I was wondering, what with all the Royal Mail strikes, if the recipients had even got them?


Why should we always use the phase Mr and Mrs? What is wrong with Mrs and Mr if a couple prefers that. It’s a personal choice and I think society should be open to things like this. Only a chauvinist would argue against it.  

It takes hardly any time to write and send a quick thank-you note. And of course, letters and posted notes have more clout now as they don’t come very often. Even if you don’t have time to write a letter – which you do – you should definitely send a thank-you text. Gratitude will never go out of fashion – and it makes you feel good too. 


Today, people rely so much on tech that communication skills can suffer in real life.  Emails and texts can be edited. But people need to work on how to behave in social situations. 

Especially after the pandemic, we fell out of the practise of reading body language, making small talk and eye contact. We’ve also lost the art of spontaneous conversation. 

The key thing is to show interest in the other person. If they tell you about their day, don’t talk about your day. Instead ask a follow-up question and show some interest in them. I believe social media has made people fixated on themselves.  But good manners are all about the other person. 


It used to be that there were five formal categories of clothing –  white tie, black tie, morning dress, lounge suits and smart casual. But now on invitations, people often write ‘dress smart’ or ‘dress casual’. 

Personally I find this too vague. People don’t know what to wear. So I would stick to traditional categories.  People prefer going to events where everyone looks roughly the same. It makes people feel comfortable, so this will help with conversations. No one wants to look different or stand out. 


The pandemic means people now work at home a lot more. But on the days you go into the office, you should still dress up smart. Don’t think of this as a drag. Instead, understand that you have to do it less each week than you used to, so it is less of a chore. 

Also, if you are going for an interview, you should still dress smart. Or if you really don’t know what to wear, stand outside the office as people leave and see what they are wearing. You should always make an effort with your appearance at work. 

William Hanson is one of the UK's leading etiquette experts offering classes in London and worldwide

William Hanson is one of the UK’s leading etiquette experts offering classes in London and worldwide



Let’s face it – people are distracted and have short attention spans. But it is very hard to have a conversation of any substance with a person if they are constantly checking their phone, watch or emails. 


I don’t have any objection to people walking down the street wearing ear pods. And I understand that they often have a listening mode so they can still hear conversations. 

But I do think that if you are talking to someone you should remove them as a sign of respect. The same with sunglasses. It shows you are paying that person your full attention. 

I don’t blame people for being like this – we are drawn to this technology. But we should still try and manage it and keep good etiquette. 

Hopefully, the generations who are born now will be so used to it as they grow up, they will know how to manage it better.

When the phone was first invented, it took a long time for people to realise they didn’t need to shout down it. So hopefully, modern tech will go this way, and people will realise they don’t need to be on it constantly. 


Personally, I like sending voice notes, although I don’t send them to people I don’t know very well. But obviously you can’t always listen to a voice note if you are in a busy place or a meeting. 

When I send a voice note, I always tag it with a message saying something like, ‘About lunch tomorrow’ or ‘not urgent’. And I don’t expect an immediate reply. 

I don’t approve of long voice notes, however, and wasting someone’s time. Thankfully, the tech has adapted so you can now fast forward them. 


While I think handshakes are still acceptable, I think post-pandemic people are thinking more about doing the social kiss. 

People are now – rightly – much more aware about having their own personal space and not being around other people’s germs. So I think it is fine to not do social kisses as a greeting. 


Yes, society is relaxed. But it is still polite to remain at the table until everyone is finished. If you urgently need the loo, this should be done after the main meal and before pudding. But ideally, both adults and children should stay at the table until everyone is done. 

William suggests that you shouldn't leave a dinner event once you have sat down. And if you have to use the loo, you should do it just before pudding

William suggests that you shouldn’t leave a dinner event once you have sat down. And if you have to use the loo, you should do it just before pudding

Maximizing Your Business’s Energy Efficiency in the UK

Saving energy is the easiest way to reduce business costs. Making small changes in the process in which your business energy UK uses energy gives you big savings. 

You have to need to check your meter readings regularly. This is essential to understand how much energy is used in your business and how you make the biggest energy cost savings.

With energy bills, introducing measures to minimize energy use in your business can improve your sustainability credentials and save you money.

By installing low-cost utility energy provider efficiencies measures, such as smart timers or LED lighting, your business could start to reduce costs and save energy. 

By installing energy efficiency measures you should make a more comfortable work environment, reduce energy bills, increase profitability, reduce exposure to future energy price rises, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Improve energy efficiency in the UK

There are different ways to improve your business to make it energy efficient:

  • Minimize your heating 
  • Fit insulation
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Use a new or energy-efficient boiler
  • Energy-efficient fittings
  • Produce energy from renewable sources

Tips to maximize energy efficiency in your business

To help you save money in your business, below are some tips for low-cost energy efficiency measures that are easy to carry out.

Sustain your equipment

The most common factor around all the measures is the need to sustain your equipment to ensure it’s operating efficiently. 

So, these are including cleaning light fittings and windows to keep compressed air filters and ventilation clean, checking door seals, and repairing leaks and holes.

Measure your energy savings

There is one important thing that you read your meters regularly. Because this will help you know how your business energy UK is using energy and where much energy is being wasted.

Oversight your heating

Always try to minimize heating temperatures in the winter by one degree. Because this temperature can reduce your heating bill by up to eight percent. 

On the other hand, in summer, maximize the set point for your air conditioning. You need to make sure that thermostats are accurate by placing them away from direct sunlight and draughts.

Avoid wasting heat

When heating or air conditioning is running, you need to keep doors and windows closed. Always ensure that your premises are well-insulated, and fitting draught excluders should be very cost-effective, with little payback times.

Squeeze your air costs

Pressed air is frequently generated at maximum pressure. For example, maximizing pressure by 10% can lead to 5% savings in energy. 

Make incremental, small reductions, inspecting that operations are not affected. Also, check and fix leaks regularly, even a small leak can cost you a large amount per year in wasted energy.

Switch your lights

The energy, department for business, and industrial plan gauge that switching from normal bulbs to LEDs can save energy for businesses up to eighty percent in raising energy costs. 

While combining LEDs with sensors that turn lights on automatically in rooms helps you to save even more energy. And the most essential thing is don’t forget to use natural lighting, where possible.

Update your equipment

The kitchen appliances and old IT equipment can guzzle a lot of energy. So, remove the things you don’t need and replace essential equipment with energy-efficient alternatives. 

Maximize airflow

The incorrect workspace layout can use up more energy and block heat. However, there is a need to improve airflow by moving workbenches, filing cabinets, and sofas away from radiators. 

If you have air conditioning units in your business energy UK place, give the fans, filters, and vents a regular clean so they work efficiently.

Block draughts

It is easy to spam draughts and just crank up the hotness if you work in an old building. But this can be avoided frequently. Double-glazing effectively reduces heat loss if you want to invest for the long term. 

Alternatively, heavy curtains, draft excluders, and closing the blinds as the sun goes down are effective affordable ways to increase energy efficiency in your business.

Order an energy audit

Large businesses need to make an energy audit by law, whereas small businesses are not. But many small businesses do them anyway and get them very beneficial. 

An energy audit is essential for a thorough assessment to know how you use energy equipment, your heating habits, and more. However, by understanding your energy output in-depth, you can identify different ways to save energy.


The increasing cost of utility energy provider has put a strain on many areas across the UK, because they are facing an unparalleled rise in wholesale electricity and gas prices.

Moto G13, Moto G23 Specifications Tipped, Could Come With a MediaTek Helio G85 SoC, Android 13


Motorola is believed to be working on new G series smartphones, with the Moto G13 and the Moto G23 rumored to arrive soon. While not much is known about the Moto G23, alleged renders of the Moto G13, along with its expected specifications, surfaced online last month. Now, promotional material and a detailed list of specifications for both the handsets have reportedly leaked. Both handsets will reportedly be powered by a MediaTek Helio G85 SoC and run the latest Android 13 out-of-the-box.

according to a reports By The Tech Outlook, the Moto G13 and the Moto G23 have been codenamed Penang 4G and Penang 4G Plus, respectively. The leaked spec sheet for the Moto G13 claims that the phone features a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display with 720×1,600 pixels resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. The Motorola The phone is also tipped to sport a triple rear camera setup, which includes a 50-megapixel wide sensor, a 2-megapixel macro camera, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. The phone also includes an 8-megapixel front camera, housed in a center punch-hole cutout, according to images of the phone in the leaked promotional material.

The phone is said to come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. It is also expected to come with 5,000mAh battery with support for up to 20W fast charging. The Moto G13 is expected to come in an Arctic Blue colourway.

The Moto G23 reportedly also has the same 6.5-inch IPS LCD display, but there are some changes in the camera department. The Moto G23 is tipped to feature a triple rear camera setup, led by the same 50-megapixel main sensor as the Moto G13. However, this model is believed to include a 5-megapixel ultra-wide sensor in addition to the 2-megapixel macro camera. The front camera also sees an upgrade, with a 16-megapixel selfie shooter reportedly onboard.

Additionally, the Moto G23 is tipped to include 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. It is said to pack the same battery as the Moto G13, but could support up to 30W fast charging. The phone is tipped to be available in a Pearl White colourway.

Motorola hasn’t yet officially revealed any details about the upcoming handsets, including their expected launch date and pricing.

Brock Purdy shows 49ers he can handle postseason adversity


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Just under six minutes remained in the third quarter as the 49ers offense, backed up at the 9-yard line, set up for its seventh drive of the game. The 49ers had yet to score a touchdown on this Dallas defense. That reality was underlined when the Cowboys, despite getting a 46-yard bomb to receiver CeeDee Lamb, opted to punt on fourth-and-5 in 49ers territory. The score was still tied at 9. The energy was percolating in Levi’s Stadium. Everyone knew that whatever was about to happen, it would be critical to the outcome. A spot in the NFC Championship Game was on the line.

And the 49ers huddle was animated.

Left guard Aaron Banks was lit, yelling, “One play at a time! We gotta get to pay dirt! Let’s go!”

“I ain’t never heard Banks talk that much,” right guard Spencer Burford said.

Deebo Samuel pulled everyone together to rally the troops, making sure everyone understood it was time to turn up. “Whatever it takes,” he implored them. “We’ve got to go do it right now.” Fullback Kyle Juszczyk joined in the hype. They all were barking, as the TV timeout gave them an opportunity to feel the urgency brewing. There was an excitement permeating that 49ers huddle. More than that, a joy for the moment. As if they like how the weight of the pressure feels on their backs. As if they savor the increased intensity. They hadn’t been anything close to the machine steamrolling defenses for an average of 34.6 points over their last seven games, including 41 in last week’s wild-card round. But not being at their best required them to show up in the clutch.

“We can all look each other in the eyes,” Juszczyk said, “and be like, ‘Now is the time!’ You get so much confidence from the other guys because you can see it in their eyes. They understand the moment.”

Sunday, that included Brock Purdy’s eyes. As each player surveyed their teammates in the huddle, a huddle featuring legends in the making, they found nothing different in their quarterback’s eyes. Even though things didn’t go smoothly Sunday, even though the Dallas defense presented a unique challenge for the rookie, Purdy’s eyes were the same eyes they’ve seen. Eyes like theirs.

“That is crazy when you think about it,” Juszczyk said.

And together, with No. 13 leading them, they marched 91 yards for the go-ahead touchdown that would eventually spell the end of the Cowboys’ season. The 49ers won 19-12 and advanced to face Philadelphia because for these 10 plays, and six minutes, their offense finally took it to Dallas, racking up at least 5 yards on each of the first six plays. The drive wasn’t without struggle. They benefited from two Cowboys penalties and a dropped interception by Trevon Diggs on a tipped Purdy pass. But that was the million-dollar question of this divisional-round matchup. How would Purdy handle an elite defense? How would he fare when being stalked by inevitable postseason adversity?

The 49ers learned Purdy’s celebrated poise could handle the difficulty of playoff football.

“Confident. The whole time. It was awesome,” George Kittle said. “I thought Brock did really well, especially when our offense wasn’t doing well early. … Brock wasn’t getting distraught. There was no, like, jitteriness to him. He was just Brock Purdy. Walking in the huddle, calling the play and delivering.”

The 49ers offense huddles during the first half of the game Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. (Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images)

He will need to do so again if the 49ers are to advance to the Super Bowl. The best team in the NFC will be hosting. The weather may be frigid. The foe will be elite. The stakes even greater. But after Sunday, the 49ers can feel much better about Purdy’s ability to handle such odds. Because against Dallas, he survived despite not putting up the fantastical performance he did against lesser opponents. He’d thrown at least two touchdowns in all seven of his previous games (and three in each of the last two). But this one was tougher. The speed of Dallas’ defense presented a different problem.

The 49ers were committed to running the ball, attacking the weakness of the Cowboys defense. But Dallas seemed ready for that, stacking the box and taking away the 49ers run game. Then, in obvious passing downs, the Cowboys did what they do best — rush the passer. Purdy has been sacked and under pressure before. But his scrambling was largely negated by the Cowboys pass rush and pursuit. He couldn’t spin away and buy more time to make a play because Dallas’ front seven is so fast. He wasn’t getting the ball out fast enough and several times wound up running for his life.

Like on third-and-goal from the 8 in the first quarter, when he scrambled to his left but was beat to the edge by Cowboys Micah Parsons and Osa Odighizuwa, with DeMarcus Lawrence charging hard. Purdy had to run back toward the 20-yard line just to get in position to throw it away.

“Oh, dear. That was stressful wasn’t it?” Kittle said. “Because I was blocking on that play and I turned around like, ‘Why do you still have the ball?’ … Just so stressful. Rookies, man. Rookies.”

His holding onto the ball almost cost them three points in the first half when he burned six seconds before throwing the ball away. In another stadium, the clock might not have stopped when it did, leaving the 49ers one second for a Robbie Gould field goal. Shanahan had to cover his mouth with his play sheet for what he had to say to his quarterback as Purdy walked back to the sidelines.

“Just wanted him to throw it away a hair earlier,” Shanahan said.

But the shining element of Purdy’s performance — his first game with no touchdown passes since taking over for Jimmy Garoppolo — was how he didn’t let the hardships get to him. He didn’t let his perfectionism focus on what was going wrong. He didn’t let the mounting pressure take away his free spirit. He didn’t let a worthy foe produce any visible doubt.

No better picture of a player’s fortitude than the one painted by adversity.

“For myself,” Purdy said, “there’s times in the game when it’s like, ‘I want to be better. I want to capitalize on third downs and finish when we get in the red zone.’ … But at the same time, man, it’s the NFL. It’s not easy to do everything on your own. I’ve got to do my part on this team, for this team. And everybody’s going to do their part. That’s where the trust comes in.”

So when it was money time, he was right there with his guys. They’ve been in big games. They’ve been behind. They’ve had clutch moments. They’ve weathered postseason storms. Purdy hadn’t until Sunday. But they couldn’t tell.

Last week, against Seattle, his first playoff game, Purdy rattled off one play so fast the huddle didn’t understand it. Kittle told him to take a deep breath and call the play. Purdy was fine after that. Sunday, Purdy needed no such reminders.

“He’s just an impressive guy in the huddle,” McCaffrey said. “It’s not a shock anymore. Just who he is.”

So after a neutral-zone infraction, followed by a 7-yard run by Christian McCaffrey for a first down, Purdy still had his head about him. A naked bootleg to his left was covered well by the Dallas defense. So well that Kittle found an opening that wasn’t part of the scheme. Instead of coming back across the field, as was designed, he improvised and went up the seam, waving his gloved right hand to draw Purdy’s attention.

And Purdy, having felt and gotten comfortable with the immediacy of Dallas’ quickness, wasn’t too rushed on the play to see No. 85 streaking upfield — with only 302-pound defensive tackle Neville Gallimore chasing him. Purdy had missed a few open receivers to this point. But it was winning time, and he didn’t miss this one. After planting near the numbers on the left side of the field, he threw a rope to that moving white glove.

“He gave me a catchable ball, I was just trying to be dramatic,” Kittle said of his juggling catch. “Just for TV.”

It was arguably the play of the game, and he followed it with a perfect throw to McCaffrey on a slant route in traffic. Those two plays not only put the 49ers in Dallas territory, and softened up the defense for the 49ers ground game, they validated the collective swagger in the huddle before the drive. They were going to do this, get into the end zone. Whatever it takes, as Deebo said.

McCaffrey punched it in from 2 yards out. That put Dallas in position to need a touchdown against a 49ers defense that had found its rhythm. It was the control the home team had been unable to grab all game. But when it was time, when the fate of the Super Bowl journey hung in the balance, when the complexities of winning required conquering, their quarterback again showed he was ready.

“He made a number of plays today,” Shanahan said. “By no means was anything perfect — for the whole offense and for the whole team. Just watching them all week, we had a feeling it was going to be this type of game.”

Then after the game, when their home locker room would absorb its final thrilling victory of the season, Purdy emerged from the shower past the media, beneath the soaring music, and unassumingly through the merry mood. His locker was blocked by the gaggle interviewing Dre Greenlaw. So Purdy, the quarterback who is two wins from being champion, stopped at the cubicle of No. 82. He got dressed at tight end Ross Dwelley’s locker.

He may have the eyes of someone built for this. But he still has the disposition of a humble rookie.

Can You Send a Text Without a Contact?

Oftentimes, we might ask ourselves, is it possible to send a text without a contact? Getting yourself acquainted with this information will be helpful for you now and in the future.

You might spend a major chunk of your day responding to texts since texting has become a more effective mode of communication for more formal business interactions.

Due to the increased amount of texts you might want to send, more people now have access to your phone number which you may not like. 

When people send information right to your phone every day, it might be difficult to retain your privacy.

Hiding your phone number or not deciding to show your contact is one approach you can take provided it is not to a client or someone really important.

Depending on the type of device you have and your goals for disguising your phone number, doing this may be challenging. However, there is a way to go about it. 

Can I Send a Text Message Anonymously?

You can hide your caller ID using built-in capabilities on carriers for both Apple and Android devices. 

This is solely used for making calls, though. You can consider this if you’d like to text the individual instead of calling them.

You can try an anonymous texting website if calling is out of the question and you need to send an anonymous text. 

Keep in mind that you have to provide information to these providers in order for them to deliver your text, and you must pay for each text.

Before considering this, you must be certain that the website you are utilizing is trustworthy. Among the most popular choices is, where you can pay to send a text message with total privacy.

If you only need to send one secret text, this isn’t a good long-term solution, but you could give it a shot.

Can a Text be Sent Without a Phone Number?

Yes. You can send texts to your customers or anyone via email using the majority of the country’s main carriers. 

You should be able to send a text message via email unless the recipient explicitly contacted their carrier to have the feature turned off.

There is a way for you to send a text message anonymously, whatever your motivations may be.

You can always use your phone’s built-in calling feature for short calls, but if you want to keep your number private and secure, you can try an app like Burner.

There are ways to keep your cell phone number and personal information private when sending texts, especially in today’s environment, but you will need to put in a little extra effort if you want to maintain your anonymity.

Nadhim Zahawi ‘misled officials over David Cameron’s Greensill messages’

Nadhim Zahawi failed to tell officials that he had exchanged WhatsApp messages with David Cameron when the former PM was contacting ministers about Greensill Capital loans, it has been reported.

The Tory chair – fighting for his political life after admitting he had to settle a tax dispute with HMRC – wrongly told investigators that he had not exchanged messages with Mr Cameron, according to The Times.

A probe by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found that Mr Zahawi did not tell officials about messages from Mr Cameron looking for help with contact details, the newspaper said.

Mr Zahawi later admitted messages were exchange – but said they had been deleted, after their existence was established and the ICO returned to ask him again about the communication.

Mr Cameron’s work lobbying for loans for the failed finance firm Greensill sparked a scandal in 2021, when the former PM admitted he should have communicated with ministers through “formal channels” rather than text and WhatsApp.

The former Tory leader wrote to Mr Zahawi that founder Lex Greensill “says you are being v helpful over HMT and CBILS programme. Would it help if I pinged a message to Richard Sharp? I used to see him a bit in early leadership days but haven’t so much recently […] All good wishes Dc.”

The ICO inquiry stated: “It is our understanding that Mr Zahawi does not know how the WhatsApp messages from Mr Cameron came to be deleted from his mobile phone.”

It comes as Mr Zahawi comes under growing pressure to set out the details of his estimated £5m tax settlement with HMRC, with some Tory MPs telling The Independent his position was “untenable”.

Labour has called for Mr Zahawi to publish his tax returns for the past five years, and demanded that Rishi Sunak “come clean on what he knew and when” about his minister’s tax affairs.

The Tory chair had previously claimed that inquiries by HMRC into his taxes – first revealed by The Independent – were a “smear”. But he admitted on Saturday that “questions were being raised about my tax affairs” when he was being appointed chancellor by Mr Johnson in July.

A government source told Sky News Mr Zahawi settled his tax problem with HMRC while he chancellor, but his representatives have yet to confirm the precise timing of the settlement.

Mr Zahawi has not yet confirmed that he paid a fine to resolve his “careless” error. But his spokesman has not denied he paid a penalty. He reportedly paid an estimated £4.8m – including a 30 per cent penalty of around £1m.

As Labour tried to put pressure on Mr Sunak, No 10 is thought to be ready to argue that the PM only knew that Mr Zahawi paid a penalty to HMRC as part of his settlement when details emerged on Friday.

But it has also been reported that the Tory chair was rejected for a knighthood over concerns about his tax affairs. Whitehall officials blocked the honour after checking with HMRC about Mr Zahawi’s tax affairs in December, according to the Sun on Sunday.

Sir Edward Troup, former permanent secretary at HMRC, said the body had a traffic-light system – red, amber and green – to warn the government of the potential risk in giving a knighthood to those who have had tax problems.

The Cabinet Office’s propriety and ethics team raised issues around Mr Zahawi’s tax affairs directly with Boris Johnson before he made him chancellor, according to ITV News.

Labour’s shadow culture secretary Lucy Powell told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “His position is totally untenable, and it shouldn’t be a case that we are sitting around waiting for him to resign – the prime minister should be sacking him.”


How to Become a Speech Pathologist?

Speech-language pathology is a branch of clinical health care that focuses on communication disorders. Speech pathologists help people who have problems such as stuttering, Parkinson’s disease, or autism overcome their challenges in speaking and communicating effectively. They also help patients with swallowing difficulties due to aging or cancer treatment and work with people who have hearing loss.

What Is Speech-Language Pathology?

Speech-language pathology is the study of how people communicate. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work with children and adults who have problems with speech, language, or swallowing. SLPs help people who have trouble speaking fluently or pronouncing words correctly, who stutter when they talk, or who can’t understand what others say to them. They also work with people with hearing loss or other communication disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

SLPs treat people of all ages including newborns through geriatric patients in a variety of settings such as hospitals and clinics; schools for children; nursing homes for elderly patients; correctional institutions for rehabilitation programs; private practices that serve individuals from various ethnic backgrounds/cultures as well as those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Steps to Becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Complete undergraduate studies. Speech-language pathologists need a bachelor’s degree in communication disorders or speech pathology, which typically takes four years to complete.
  • Take graduate coursework. Speech-language pathologists need to complete two years of graduate coursework, which includes clinical practicum experiences. Pass the Praxis exam.
  • Pass the National Board for Certification of Speech-Language Pathology exam after completing your graduate studies; this exam assesses professional skills needed by SLPs to diagnose and treat language disorders in children and adults across various settings (e.g., schools, and hospitals). If you don’t pass on your first try but have received significant training outside of university courses before taking it again—such as through internships—you may still be able to apply for licensure with A
  • Get a job. After graduating from a bachelor’s or master’s program, you can apply for jobs with speech-language pathologists in hospitals, clinics, and schools. If you don’t have experience treating patients directly (e.g., through an internship), look for entry-level positions such as the office or school secretary, or research assistant at a university.

What Does a Speech Pathologist Do?

A speech pathologist is a healthcare professional who helps people with speech and language disorders. Speech pathologists diagnose and treat communication problems, including those that affect the way we speak, listen, understand speech, read or write.

Speech-language pathology services are provided by a variety of professionals, including:

  • Speech-language pathologists (SLPs)
  • Audiologists
  • Respiratory therapists

Types of Speech Pathologists

Speech-language pathology programs include coursework on the anatomy and physiology of language, childhood development, cognitive processes such as attention and memory, language assessment including standardized testing procedures, treatment planning methods, and evaluation strategies for identifying problems that affect communication skills between individuals or groups of people who interact regularly with each other so they can communicate clearly without misunderstandings occurring often (usually because one party doesn’t know what has happened before).

There are several different kinds of speech pathologists, each with their own expertise in a specific area of speech pathology.

Audiologists work with people who have hearing loss or other problems with their ears that affect their ability to hear sounds correctly. They may also treat people who have balance problems or dizziness related to sound.

Clinical linguists specialize in the study of language disorders. They’re often consulted by other professionals in the field to help them understand how a patient’s language skills work and what might be causing any issues they’re experiencing.

In addition to these two types of specialists, there are also many generalist positions available for those looking for a job as a speech-language pathologist that doesn’t require any additional training beyond an undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders (CSD).

Is Speech-Language Pathology Right for You?

Speech-language pathology is a field that’s growing in demand, and it might be the perfect fit for you. There are many benefits to becoming a speech-language pathologist including:

  1. Flexibility with work hours: You can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. This makes it ideal for people who have other obligations such as family or school.
  2. Variety of settings: You’ll have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, clinics, and long-term care facilities.
  3. Job satisfaction: You’ll be helping people every day which will give you a sense of purpose while doing work you enjoy!

Victor Wainwright & The Train Tour 2023; At Center for Performing Arts/Bonita Springs

“Wainwright serves as an electrifying guide to a good time-spinning tales, telling his listeners how to beat the blues, and meticulously conjuring raw soul and energy out of his acoustic piano. He displays a sharp sense of humor and a knack for storytelling… every track is brilliant.” – LIVING BLUES MAGAZINE


The ‘Piana From Savannah’, acclaimed 2019 Grammy-nominated American Roots artist  Victor Wainwright and the Train hits the road for what promises to be a super-busy 2023, with a local show at Center for the Performing Arts, Hinman Auditorium, 10150 Bonita Beach Rd., Friday, January 27. Show: 7:30pm. Tickets: $50 First Tier/$43 Second Tier/$40 Third Tier. Info: (239) 495-8989 or visit

Wainwright was nominated in the Piano category for the 2022 Blues Blast Awards and was also nominated by the 2022 Living Blues Awards in two categories: Most Outstanding Musician (keyboard); and Best Live Performer. 

Though his career began over a decade ago with genuine rock n’ roll honky-tonk, Wainwright has broadened his artistic scope over the years to include music representing virtually every corner of the roots music world. His insatiable interest in music discovery, sheer love for entertaining and curiosity have led him all around the world, and the resulting perspective is a reflection of his passion for entertaining and creating progressive roots music in an effort to move the art-form forward. Composer, producer, vocalist, and award wining entertainer and piano player; Victor Wainwright is a raucous high-octane, dynamic performer and crowd pleaser with soul to spare.

The name of Victor Wainwright’s band – and the sleeve image of their albums – is also the most fitting of metaphors. In music folklore, the train might have associations with the freight-hopping bluesmen of yore, but with this restless boogie-woogie innovator stoking the furnace, Wainwright is a charging locomotive – surging forward, crashing through boundaries of genre, sweeping up fresh sounds and clattering headlong past the doubters. Among his numerous accolades: Wainwright has won six total Blues Music Awards, reached #1 on the Top 10 on the U.S. Billboard chart, and was Nominated for a 2019 Grammy.


Notre Dame coaching candidates: Chris Holtmann, Greg McDermott among possible targets to replace Mike Brey

Notre Dame announced on Thursday that longtime basketball coach Mike Brey, who has been with the program since 2000 and amassed 481 wins as the Irish head coach, will step down at the end of the 2022-23 season. The decision leaves a gaping hole at a position that will draw significant interest from the mid-major ranks and even to sitting high-major head coaches given Notre Dame’s resources and standing in the ACC’s hierarchy. 

Athletic director Jack Swarbrick will likely leave no stone unturned as he looks to replace another head coach for the second time in three years after football coach Brian Kelly bolted for LSU last offseason, and he has a big brand in a major conference to pitch to potential candidates. However, which direction he will take to land his next man and the level at which the university is willing to invest remain unclear. Sources expressed to CBS Sports some skepticism that the university would be willing to dig deep in its pockets to land a sitting head coach at the power conference level. Doing so would likely require shelling out for a buyout, and competitive pay to move the needle may tip past the $4 million mark annually.

So who ultimately becomes the next head coach boils down to myriad factors that for now remain unclear. Therefore, the pool of candidates from which Notre Dame may be searching is a wide one.

We’ve pooled together a list of six names who we think Notre Dame could and should target at this point with the caveat that, for now, this is as much a wish list for Irish fans as a true candidate list. As the season wears on and if more intel rolls in, our list will be updated.

1. Chris Holtmann, Ohio State head coach 

If Notre Dame is going to target a big name from the high-major ranks in the realm of realistic, Holtmann would have to be at or near the very top of the wish list. He was 70-31 in three seasons at Butler and is 117-64 in five-plus seasons at Ohio State with 20-plus wins in each of his campaigns. His compensation is reportedly about 30th in the country, which is a pretty nice discount for the Buckeyes with a coach whose credentials suggest he’s closer to a top-15 coach in America. Getting Holtmann may require a substantial pony-up on the salary front but his buyout is only $2.5 million.

2. Chris Quinn, Miami Heat assistant

If Notre Dame wants to get nostalgic it could find a healthy outlet in Quinn, a former All-Conference player with the Irish in the early aughts. It’d be a surprise if he wasn’t among the top targets on Swarbrick’s list and even more surprising if he didn’t at least get a call. Quinn’s been in coaching since his playing career ended in 2013 having served as an assistant both at Northwestern and most recently (since 2014) with the Miami Heat on Erik Spoelstra’s staff. 

3. Micah Shrewsberry, Penn State head coach

Shrewsberry’s helped reboot Penn State in a short span after taking over last season and remade the Nittany Lions into a possible NCAA Tournament contender in his second season. In addition to attending high school in Indianapolis and playing at Hanover College in Indiana, he has assistant coaching experience at Purdue, DePauw and Butler, so his ties to the state run deep.

4. Dusty May, FAU head coach

No coach’s stock has risen more dramatically in the mid-major ranks this season than May’s has. The Indiana grad, who was a student manager under Bob Knight, is 18-1 on the season in leading No. 24 FAU to its best start in program history. He’s 84-57 since taking over the program in 2018 and slowly built the Owls into a contender in Conference USA.

5. Greg McDermott, Creighton head coach

When Brian Kelly left Notre Dame for LSU, Swarbrick elevated defensive coordinator and then-35-year-old Marcus Freeman to take over the football program. So if Swarbrick sticks to a similar plan on the hoops side he may very well opt for an up-and-comer. But if age is not a factor then McDermott, 58, would be a coup. He’s been at Creighton since 2010 where he’s led the program to a 287-145 overall record, but it’s been a disappointing season on the whole given lofty preseason expectations. His seat isn’t likely warming, much less hot, but a fresh start elsewhere could make sense and a coach with a proven track record could give Notre Dame some stability like it had with Brey.

6. Martin Ingelsby, Delaware head coach

Last time Notre Dame hired its head coach it plucked Mike Brey from Delaware, so Ingelsby — who got his first head-coaching gig at Delaware in 2016 — could make for an interesting under-the-radar candidate. Ingelsby played at Notre Dame and made 121 starts in his four seasons before returning to an assistant coaching role on Brey’s staff from 2009-2016. He’s just 106-96 as head coach with three times more losing seasons than NCAA Tournament appearances so it seems unlikely he’d be the first call but ties to the school and head coaching experience being prerequisites would seemingly put him on the radar.