Uncomplicated Solutions For Fluxactive Complete – Questions For Consideration

The reason being, is the fact that there should never be a remedy for psoriasis until such time that a team of biologist are assigned the project of discovering why our killer T-cells are over-reacting, and developing a medication mild enough just about every legitimate day use that will suppress the immune system without the chance of developing other diseases. Performs this sound similar to a contradiction? It definately is!

First and the most important is age. Age is if you can greatest reason men get prostate cancer, and zinc heightens almost exponentially the older they create. If you are between they chronological age of 60 and 80, to provide a a one out of six chance you to have it. A person are below they period of 50, you’re extremely unlikely to get it. Simple as that, and info leads towards the best preventative: regular screening after age 50. As well as to age, there can be a genetic risk as certainly.

However, to obtain these benefits in a secure manner, want to guaranteed the fish supplement acquire for children is properly purified. Throughout the day . be carried out by a process called molecular distillation. You will need to remove impurities in the oil. Foods allow your son or daughter’s health to flourish any kind of health issues. Also, make sure the supplement is unprocessed.


(2.) Extra thing need to do for cancer prevention and optimum health should be to refrain from smoking. In the event you are already a smoker, QUIT. As a no doubt in my head that my cancer which started within tonsils any direct consequence of my smoking non filter cigarettes above 50 long period.

There exists a plethora of advantages for kid. For example, fish based oils can advantage to clean can easily of our arteries minimizing the hazards of heart periods. They can also prevent the onset of particular cancers (breast, colon and prostate gland.) These are, of course, massive health trouble. Fish supplements can help children to avoid these.

Dr. Lee Conway of Denver, Colorado in the country treats his allergy patients with bee pollen. All his patients who take bee pollen every day remain totally free of all allergic reaction Fluxactive Complete . They don’t get new allergies once they move to new resorts. They stay allergy-free.

But one of the biggest here is balance. If you are like regular man, consuming replace at the very least two of the current weekly red meat meals with fish or chicken–and them should be fried. Trim your french fry consumption in half, and replace all of them beans or squash. Pour out the contents belonging to the candy dish into the garbage can you have to buying or growing and also nuts to munch. And, throw out all your white bread and eat whole grain bread while Roman Bowl.

This may be the part which designed not only to increase your sexual performance but offer you overall better health. Lycopene is a successful antioxidant this was used forever to maintain prostate properly being. It can help prevent cancer of prostate so commonly found in older other guys.

Hong Kong’s economy is showing abundant development vitality

“The short-term outlook for Hong Kong’s economy may be challenging due to external factors, but the future is bright. With the continued extensive support from our motherland, Hong Kong’s advantages as an international financial center linking the Mainland to the rest of the world will certainly be consolidated and enhanced.” Speaking at the 16th Asian Financial Forum recently, HKSAR Chief Executive Li Ka-chiu said he was optimistic about Hong Kong’s prospects as the Mainland and Hong Kong resume customs clearance and Hong Kong actively seizes development opportunities.

Organized by the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Forum is the first major business exchange event in Hong Kong in 2023, with the theme “Advancing Transformation: Creating Efficiency – Inclusion – Innovation”, and was recently held in Hong Kong in an online and offline manner. The forum included more than 40 discussions and workshops, with more than 200 business representatives from around the world attending the venue and over 7,000 people participating online and offline.

Enhancing strength to grasp opportunities

Li said that under the clear guidance of the National 14th Five-Year Plan, Hong Kong is actively enhancing its strength as an international financial center, including strengthening its position as a global offshore RMB business hub and an international asset management and risk management center. “We offer businesses and investors a business environment that enables them to succeed, a regulatory regime that is in line with international standards, free movement of capital and people, and unlimited opportunities as Hong Kong integrates with the country’s development.”

At the forum, many guests have said that the gradual and orderly resumption of customs clearance between the Mainland and Hong Kong has brought strong impetus and positive effects on the overall economy. Huen Wai-yee, chairman of this year’s forum planning committee, said that with the accelerated movement of people and goods between the two places, the demand for cross-border financial services is expected to increase, and the Hong Kong financial sector will deploy its manpower and resources accordingly.

Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, Ms. Leung Fung Yee, said China is committed to market opening and seeks to connect with the world. As an important gateway, Hong Kong will broaden the scope of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect to allow more international investors to access the mainland market. With the resumption of customs clearance between the Mainland and Hong Kong, it will be more convenient and frequent for people to travel between the two places, and products will be launched faster, and more wealth management and risk management tools will be available in the future.

Mr. Lam Kin Ngok, Chairman of HKTDC, said that under the new normal, it is more important than ever for the global community to seek win-win cooperation, and when we work together, we can jointly promote economic growth and create new opportunities.

Helping the global green transition

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon outlined a broad blueprint for sustainable development and shared his views on how to promote multilateral cooperation in a concerted effort to address global challenges, under the theme of promoting sustainable development. Ban called on the world to work together to address global challenges such as climate change. He also praised China’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 and called on countries to unite and accelerate global action.

“There is a huge demand for sustainable infrastructure and green transformation around the world, and Hong Kong can help meet these needs.” Mr. Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR Government, said the country is a strong supporter of international cooperation and global governance, and has proposed a global development initiative in 2021 to promote more inclusive, inclusive and resilient global development. As an international financial center and with its professional services strength, Hong Kong can contribute to global environmental goals.

Green and sustainable finance is the future trend. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) President Jin Liqun said the ADB is promoting greater regional cooperation and expects to mobilize funds for issues such as climate change and to invest in green and sustainable bonds in Asia. As a major global foreign exchange market, Hong Kong is well positioned to become a green financial center in Asia. Last year, Hong Kong’s new stock listings, 70% of the total capital raised involved the new economy, reflecting the transparency of Hong Kong’s capital market governance model, in line with international standards, has a strong capital-raising capacity, I believe that Hong Kong will continue to be one of the world’s most important financial center.

Polishing Hong Kong’s golden signboard

This year’s Forum resumed offline and then moved to an online platform for several days, holding over 600 matchmaking sessions to promote more substantive cooperation. Industries covered include digital technology and media, medical technology, education, infrastructure and real estate services, etc.

As Asia’s leading annual financial forum, this year’s forum has received high attention from the Hong Kong media. The Hong Kong Wen Wei Po commented that this is the first physical forum held in Hong Kong after the first phase of the resumption of customs clearance between the Mainland and Hong Kong, attracting the attendance of global financial leaders, once again highlighting the solid status of Hong Kong as an international financial center and its obvious advantages. This year, the global economy is facing challenges, the Asia-Pacific region is still performing well in terms of growth, Hong Kong should be more proactive in playing the role of backing the motherland and connecting to the world, enhance financial competitiveness, and seize the opportunity of steady economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region to make the advantage more solid.

The editorial of Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao pointed out that the forum was well attended, with more offline participants than ever before. This fully proves that Hong Kong’s economy is fully recovering, showing abundant development vitality and momentum, reflecting Hong Kong’s competitive advantages as an international financial center. This year, the HKSAR Government successfully offered US$5.75 billion equivalent of green bonds in US dollars, Euros and RMB, and received an enthusiastic subscription response, hitting the first shot of the new year. This shows that Hong Kong’s active expansion of the bond market has achieved results, and the green financial market is rising in global status, which is expected to polish Hong Kong’s golden signboard and create a new growth point.

Role of The Nurse in Public and Global Health Essay

Role of The Nurse in Public and Global Health Essay

Politics and economics influence
Politics and economics have an influence on health and health care. Politics has an influence through presenting policies and funding programs that allow the public to improve health. These ensures that the public is able to realize the benefits of health programs without the burden of directly paying for these programs. Economics has an influence on health through determining the capacity to pay for health care. A public that is unable to pay for care must rely on other sources of funding, such as the government and non-governmental organizations, to access health care that they would otherwise be unable to pay for when using private funds. Role of The Nurse in Public and Global Health Essay


Benefits of awarding the mothers cash grants
Awarding cash grants to mothers allows them to fulfill their financial commitments to the rest of the family. This is particularly the case when they have difficulty in paying for education and health care for their children. As such, the grants allow their family members to attend school and receive health care (Levine, 2007).
Social problems created
Giving the mothers cash grants increases social spending thereby taking money away from other important social programs. Besides that, the grants can increase social vulnerability by increasing dependence on the grants, enabling the mothers to make poor choices, and allowing them to remain in poverty.
Do you think the resources were ethically distributed? (Think about stereotyping.)
The resources were not ethically distributed. That is because the tiered targeting has enabled an attitudinal tradition that persons living in poverty do not have the capacity to earn enough money and should be provided with the money as well as guided on how to use the money. The grants are allocated with conditions on how they should be used and any violations are considered grounds for withholding future grants. This is a paternalistic thought since it assumes that the mothers receiving grants are incapable of considering relevant options in the personal and health circumstance. Role of The Nurse in Public and Global Health Essay
Changes to the program
Two changes are necessary. Firstly, coverage should be improved to ensure that all persons with similar characteristics receive grants. Secondly, the program should be supplemented by subsidized health care costs to improve care access.
If the program were to be discontinued for any reason, what could you, as a nurse, say that might help to maintain funding?
Should the program be discontinued, then funding should be sought from organizations that fund health care programs (such as the World Bank and International Monitory Fund). These organizations would evaluate the merits of the program and make funding decisions on the basis of anticipated benefits.
Do you think a similar program might work in your community? Why or why not?
This program is beneficial and could work in other communities. That is because it has been successful in Mexico and applying the same model to other countries is likely to be successful. Still, it should be applied in a phased approach to ensure that its unique shortcomings are addressed even as it is implemented. Role of The Nurse in Public and Global Health Essay
Explain how politics and economics may influence health and the health care system
Politics and economics can influence health and health care systems through policies and programs. Politics has an influence through determining how public resources are allocated towards health care programs. Economics influences public access to funds, determining how much money can be accessed as well as the capacity to pay for health care. The government can intervene and improve access to health care through presenting policies that improve earnings and subsidize care costs, while also funding health care programs (McCaffrey, 2016).

Levine, R. (2007). Improving the Health of the Poor in Mexico.
McCaffrey, R. (2016). Doctor of nursing practice: enhancing professional development. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis.

Review the case study “Improving the Health of the Poor in Mexico.” by Levine, R 2007. Then, prepare your response to the following questions: Role of The Nurse in Public and Global Health Essay

How do politics and economics influence health and health care?

What might the benefits be of awarding the mothers cash grants?

What social problems might be created by giving the mothers cash grants?

Do you think the resources were ethically distributed? (Think about stereotyping.)

What changes do you think should be made to the program, if any?

If the program were to be discontinued for any reason, what could you, as a nurse, say that might help to maintain funding?

Do you think a similar program might work in your community? Why or why not? Role of The Nurse in Public and Global Health Essay

Explain how politics and economics may influence health and the health care system from your own perspective. Analyze whether the political and/or economic systems play a major role in your or your family’s access to health and explain why. Then, describe how government intervention might benefit a health care system. Be specific and provide examples.

No Escape

When I edit a news story for inclusion in one of my news columns, the first thing I do it to decide which tag it belongs in, then check to see whether there’s an earlier item it follows from (either directly, as a development of an earlier story, or indirectly, by bearing a resemblance to an earlier one).  But every so often a tag becomes too “busy” for me to easily use it in this way; if I have to go through a dozen pages of tagged items before I even reach the beginning of the year, it eats up too much time and may even make it more difficult to find appropriate items (because skimming dozens of similar articles quickly becomes mentally fatiguing).  That’s why I break up such cluttered tags every once in a while so as to make it easier to categorize them in the future.  The “Torture Chamber” tag reached that point sometime last year; I already have two tags devoted to the ongoing human rights debacle which is the US prison & jail system (the other being “The Punitive Mindset“), but I think it’s time for a third.  In the future, items about prison rape will appear in this tag; they were previously linked in several long chains, culminating most recently with Torture Chamber (#1302), (#1301), and (#1299), but there are also quite a few similar items which simply appear in the main “Torture Chamber” tag.  I’ll start the new tag with three items, the first a typical collection of euphemisms from Colorado:

…Jason Hillyer…pleaded guilty to [lesser charges after orally raping a woman confined to a cage by the State]…he…[will be] required to register as a sex offender…Hillyer [committed the rape] in May 2021…[but his victim was afraid to report him before] June 29, 2021…Hillyer [tried to escape surveillance cameras by raping] the victim…in…the bathroom…

The other is from a major hotbed of prison rape, California:

An Orange County…deputy has been charged [with misdemeanors] after…sexually assaulting two [women locked in cages]…he w[as posted to supposedly guard]…Arcadio Rodriguez [moles]ted them on multiple occasions dating back to May 2022 by [groping] them…and [forc]ing them [to watch] videos of himself [masturbating]…

As so often happens, Rodriguez’ picture is being suppressed by “authorities” so he can continue to predate on unsuspecting women.  If that surprises you, you may not have realized how endemic rape by screws and other staff is to prisons:

The state of New Mexico spent at least $860,000 last year to settle…[cases in which screws] rape[d or]…sexual abuse[d]…women…[condemned to its] prisons.  The settlements resolved…seven [cas]es…each [filed by a woman who had been raped by prison staff in the name of “]correction[“]…In addition to the cost of the settlements, New Mexico spent about $2.5 million in recent years defending itself against [suits alleging systemic liability for] the [rape]s…[due] to…a culture in New Mexico prisons that expose[s] women to…sexual abuse…“They have focused their efforts, including remarkably high expenditures on legal fees, on hiding such abuse from the public rather than on investigating and eradicating it,” [said Elizabeth Harrison, an attorney for some of the victims]…

How does Repaying Your British Student loan Actually work?

Figuratively speaking can be very confusing. You are aware that you owe a lot of personal debt, however, you are not yes just how much, and how in the world do https://loantillpayday.net they work out how much you need to pay back per month?!

What will you should repay?

Your university fees charges could well be to ?9,250 a year getting a keen student studies in the united kingdom. When you yourself have applied for a good postgraduate financing for a beneficial master’s (currently as much as ?ten,906) otherwise PhD direction (already around ?twenty four,700) you will also have to settle these financing.

Simply how much you had been eligible to use on the maintenance mortgage would’ve relied on where in britain you happen to be from, all your family members household money, and you may whether you were traditions home or not.

In the present instructional season (2019 so you can 2020) it is around ?8,944 for students life away from home exterior London area, or more in order to ?11,672 for college students life on the road during the London.

You will not have to pay any features otherwise bursaries. Although not, you will also still need to repay the student education loans and you will restoration fund for people who left their movement for any reason. Learn here simply how much of your student loan you’ll must pay-off for individuals who switch programmes or leave your own movement.

What student loan package in the morning I on the?

You can find around three types of fees plans you are on: Bundle 1, Bundle 2 and the Postgraduate Mortgage cost package – exactly what perform it imply? Read on to find out and therefore bundle you’re in, and you can what this signifies for your education loan costs.

Bundle 1 is the elderly plan, for college students who come its undergraduate movement ahead of . While you are some of the below, you happen to be inside package you to:

  • An English otherwise Welsh student exactly who already been a keen undergraduate course everywhere in the uk just before
  • An effective Scottish otherwise Northern Irish scholar whom become an undergraduate otherwise postgraduate movement anywhere in the united kingdom towards the otherwise once step one September 1998
  • An european union scholar who come an enthusiastic undergraduate direction inside the England or Wales into or after
  • An English or Welsh beginner which been a keen undergraduate course anywhere in the united kingdom toward otherwise once
  • An european union college student whom been a keen undergraduate path in The united kingdomt or Wales towards the otherwise just after
  • Somebody who took out an enhanced Learner Loan to your otherwise after

If you’re with the a great postgraduate path and you may took out an effective Master’s Loan or a good Doctoral Financing, you will be towards Postgraduate Financing cost plan. The new Postgraduate financing installment is for next:

  • An English or Welsh college student who got out a Postgraduate Master’s Loan into or after
  • A keen English otherwise Welsh college student exactly who grabbed aside a Postgraduate D
  • An european union beginner just who started a postgraduate course for the otherwise just after

When can i have to start paying off my student loan?

You are going to initiate paying the student loan towards the 6 th April once you find yourself the path (offered your meet the earnings tolerance, discover lower than). If you are a member day pupil, you will simply initiate trying to repay your education loan few years when you started the course.

How much interest can i have to pay?

Whenever you are on Bundle step 1, the speed on your own mortgage is the Financial out of The united kingdomt foot rate plus one percent, or perhaps the rates on rising cost of living – whichever one is straight down.

Whenever you are into Bundle 2, while you are understanding, the interest rate on the mortgage is the Retail price List (RPI) plus about three per cent. For those who secure below ?twenty-five,725, your interest will then be the present day RPI. If you secure anywhere between ?twenty-five,725 and ?46,305, the rate of interest will be the RPI plus to around three % (this new percentage often go up since your paycheck goes up). For many who secure more than ?46,305, you’ll spend an interest rate out of RPI and step 3 %.

How much will i need to pay every month?

Those in either Package step one or Package dos often already shell out nine % of any count you earn over the endurance.

Having Plan 1 this is when your earnings in advance of taxation try more ?1,577 thirty days (or ?364 a week). So it endurance have a tendency to go up to ?1616 off 6 th .

Whenever you are into a great Postgraduate Mortgage, you’ll be able to repay in the event the money before tax is over ?1,750 1 month (otherwise ?404 per week)

If you have each other an undergraduate Package 1 otherwise Plan dos, as well as a great Postgraduate Loan, you’ll pay off fifteen % regarding anything you earn along side tolerance.

So what does this mean?

Having good Postgraduate loan, you’ll have to pay six per cent of the matter more than the brand new tolerance, that is ?step one,750 per month. By using the example more than:

Can you imagine I do want to pay back my education loan quicker?

You might pay back your student loan when you look at the single costs away from ?5 or even more anytime toward Student education loans Company. Find out more about and then make more money right here.

Whenever usually my college loans be composed of?

While with the Plan step 1 and regarding The united kingdomt, North Ireland and you may Wales, your debt could well be composed off when you find yourself 65 many years old for people who grabbed from the financing in advance of or inside 2005 to help you 2006 instructional 12 months. For folks who got out of the loan about 2006 to help you 2007 informative season, or after, the debt might possibly be composed out of 25 years following April you had been earliest due to pay back.

Whenever you are towards the Package step one and you will out-of Scotland and you will grabbed out your loan in the 2006 so you can 2007 educational season otherwise before, your debt was composed away from when you are 65 otherwise 30 decades adopting the April you had been very first due to pay back. For many who grabbed your financing regarding the 2007 to help you 2008 educational 12 months otherwise after, your debt will get composed away from three decades following April your were first on account of pay off.

If you’re on a plan dos mortgage, the loan might be composed off 3 decades pursuing the April you used to be very first because of pay.

Ukraine Latest: Zelenskiy Says Donbas Is Key to Stopping Russia

President Vladimir Putin said Russia’s economy is in better shape than expected. Iran, which has been supplying Moscow with attack drones for months, will take delivery of Russian fighter jets by March, an Iranian lawmaker said.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said fighting in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region will be “fundamental” to defeating Russia. The death toll at a nine-story apartment building in Dnipro climbed to 30 on Sunday after it was hit by what Ukraine’s air command said was a Russian long-range anti-ship missile.

The Dnipro strike was part of two waves on Saturday mostly targeted at Ukraine’s infrastructure. Missile and airstrikes were reported in locations including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipro, Vinnytsia. Russian forces launched S-300 and S-400 systems on a ballistic trajectory from Belarus, before later launching cruise missiles from air and sea. 

On the Ground

Over the past 24 hours, Russia launched the air strikes and 57 missile strikes, and 69 strikes from rocket salvo systems, Ukraine’s General Staff said. Russia used С-300/С-400 long-range anti-aircraft missiles to carry out missile strikes on Kyiv and other settlements of Ukraine, it said in a daily report, warning that there’s still a threat of air and missile strikes throughout Ukraine. At least seven were injured after Russian mass shelling in Kherson on Sunday, the region’s governor said. Among the buildings shelled were an apartment complex and one where the Ukrainian Red Cross was located. 

Zelenskiy Says Donbas Fighting Is ‘Fundamental’ (8:40 p.m.)

Battles in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, including the city of Bakhmut and the salt-mine town of Soledar, are continuing “without any respite,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Sunday.

While “Russia has made the battle for the cities of our Donbas fundamental for itself,” Ukrainian forces are making “this battle fundamental for the destruction of the combat potential” of Russia, he said in his nightly video address.  

Dnipro Apartment Building Death Toll Rises to 30 (8:25 p.m.) 

The death toll from Russia’s missile attack Saturday on an apartment building in Dnipro rose to 30, according to emergency services. At least 72 others were injured and rescue efforts continued on Sunday. Ukraine’s air command said the building was hit by a Russian Kh-22, or X-22, long-range missile launched from the Kursk region and designed for use against aircraft carriers. 

Dnipropetrovsk region Governor Valentyn Reznichenko said on Telegram that 72 units in the block were destroyed and 230 others damaged. 

Kremlin troops have fired more than 210 of the Kh-22 rockets since the start of the invasion, and Ukraine has no firepower capable of shooting down that type of missile, the air command said. 

Ukraine First Lady Reflects on War’s Human Cost (4 p.m.) 

Olena Zelenska, the wife of Ukraine’s president, told CNN on Sunday that Ukrainians “are trying to preserve some sort of normality” as Russia’s invasion heads toward the one-year mark. 

“Women have taken the brunt of this war in terms of ensuring that their families are okay, that their children are okay, that their children are safe,” Zelenska told CNN correspondent Fareed Zakaria through a translator. “Mothers and grandmothers have stepped in to protect them.” 

Between the millions of Ukraine women and children who have fled abroad, and those who are internally displaced, “I would not be wrong if I say that more than half of our families are divided, are separated,” Zelenska said. 

Ukraine Sanctions Another 200 Celebrities (3 p.m.)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy signed a decree on Sunday imposing sanctions against almost 200 people of mostly Russian and Belarusian citizenship. It was the second round of sanctions announced this month. 

The list includes actors, television journalists and businessmen. The sanctions stipulate blocking of assets, preventing the withdrawal of capital outside Ukraine, the suspension of economic and financial obligations and revocation of licenses and other permits. 

Among those sanctioned was Angelina Vovk, 50, a former presenter on Soviet Central Television, and Boris Korchevnikov, 40, an actor and TV host.  

Putin Says Economic Situation ‘Satisfactory, Even Good’ (1 p.m.) 

Russia’s president said the country’s economy is “quite satisfactory, even good,” and is performing better not only than opponents had expected, “but even we predicted.” Vladimir Putin spoke Sunday with the TV channel Russia-1. 

He said Russia’s inflation rate is expected to slow to about 5% in the first quarter from 11.9%, and pointed to growth in industrial production, agriculture and construction. 

Putin also said what he terms the “special military operation” in Ukraine is going according to defense ministry plans and that the “dynamics are positive” for Russia. 

Iran Expects to Get Russian Fighter Jets by March (12:43 p.m.)

Iran will receive a number of Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets by March as part of a military order that includes defense systems, missiles and helicopters. 

Shahriar Heydari, a member of the Islamic Republic’s parliamentary commission for national security and foreign policy, didn’t specify the number of aircraft ordered. 

Switzerland Aims to Soften Restrictive Arms Export Law (10:51 a.m.)

Switzerland has started working on a reform to allow some countries to export Swiss-made ammunition to Ukraine, after international criticism of its restrictive arms export law, the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper reported.

It’s the first substantial move to ease a restrictive law shaped by Switzerland’s tradition of neutrality in international affairs. Germany and Spain have criticized the Swiss for blocking ammunition shipments to Ukraine.

Rheinmetall CEO Says Leopard Repairs Take a Year (9:15 a.m.)

The maker of Leopard tanks says it would take about a year to get the vehicles it has in inventory ready for the battlefield, meaning deliveries to Ukraine couldn’t start before 2024, Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger said told the Bild newspaper. 

The German defense company has 22 Leopard 2 tanks and 88 Leopard 1 vehicles, “but we can’t repair these tanks without an order, because the costs are several hundred million euros and Rheinmetall can’t finance that in advance,” he said. 

The comments are likely to put more pressure on the German government to approve deliveries of vehicles in active service. Countries including Poland and Finland have said they’re ready to send their Leopards to Kyiv. 


International Condemnation After Russian Strike on Civilians (8:44 a.m.)

Russia’s strike Saturday on civilians in an apartment block drew international condemnation.

Gitanas Nauseda, Lithuania’s president, called Russia “a terrorist state” that brings “destruction, death & immense suffering everywhere they go.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the attack was “despicable, abhorrent, and completely unacceptable.”

Bridget Brink, the US ambassador to Ukraine, said Russia was continuing a “desperate assault on Ukraine’s cities and people.” 

Sunak Says Strategy Needed to Break ‘Stalemate’ (8 a.m.)

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called for an international strategy to break the “stalemate” in Ukraine after almost a year of war. 

“A flurry of UK diplomatic activity will take place across the globe this week after the prime minister directed senior ministers to drive international action,” according to a statement from Sunak’s office. 

The UK has assessed that a “window has opened up where Russia is on the back foot due to resupply issues and plummeting morale” and Sunak is encouraging allies to press their advantage as soon as possible.  

Emergency Power Outages in Kyiv After Saturday’s Strikes (8 a.m.)

Ukraine’s capital, along with much of the country, continues to experience power outages after strikes on critical infrastructure by Russian missiles on Saturday. 

DTEK power engineers, together with specialists from Ukrenergo, other emergency services and state authorities, are attempting to stabilize the situation. 

Ex-PM Boris Johnson to visit Ukraine ‘imminently’

Nadhim Zahawi says Boris Johnson won’t make comeback as PM

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Boris Johnson is set to visit Ukraine in the coming weeks in an attempt to shore up support for Kyiv. The Uxbridge & South Ruislip MP wants to put pressure on Western nations to continue to make military and humanitarian contributions to the ex-Soviet state.

Mr Johnson believes that support for Ukraine is one of his key legacies from his time in office and is keen to reinforce this message from the backbenches, a report has claimed.

According to The Times, the former London Mayor is considering setting up a foundation to campaign for Ukraine.

He also believes that a Ukrainian victory is “the only way forward” in terms of checking Russian expansionism.

Mr Johnson is a popular figure in Ukraine, even having a street named after him in the town of Fontanka on the outskirts of Odessa.



The former Foreign Secretary will only travel to Kyiv with the permission of the Government in what would be his fourth visit to the Ukrainian capital.

According to The Times, a friend of Mr Johnson said that he will go to Ukraine “imminently”.

During the trip, the 58-year-old will receive taxpayer-funded security based on the perceived threat.

However, Toy MP and chairman of the defence select committee Tobias Ellwood said Mr Johnson should “not interfere” with the official relationship between London and Kyiv.



Speaking to The Guardian, Mr Ellwood said that it was important Mr Johnson made it clear that he supported the official Downing Street position on Ukraine rather than engaging in his own form of freelance diplomacy.

He said: “Any senior visitor from the west will, of course, be welcomed by Kyiv, not least a former premier who pioneered UK’s military assistance to Ukraine from the start.

“But Russia’s ability to endure hardship is greater than the west. Putin is retooling his industries to help the war effort and mobilising further thousands for a major spring offensive.

“This conflict is far from over. Boris should leave no doubt that he fully supports Number 10 and his visit should not interfere with the messaging or the official lines of communication between London and Kyiv.”

40 Conservative MPs stage rebellion over online safety law [REVEAL] 
Boris Johnson urged to return and ‘save the Conservative Party’ [INSIGHT] 
Inside Boris’ ‘comeback’ dinner where he ‘joked about being framed’ [SPOTLIGHT]


It comes as Mr Johnson continues to be embroiled in scandal and controversy months after he left office.

In recent days, there have been claims that Mr Johnson boasted that one of his lockdown-breaking parties in 2020 was the “most unsocially distanced party” at a time when strict social distancing guidelines were in place.

According to The Daily Mirror, Mr Johnson is currently living in the £20million central London home of a Tory donor, with critics arguing he may not have declared the full value of the gift.

Hey, NIO Stock Investors! Don’t Forget This Warning.


It’s funny how Wall Street can have a very short attention span sometimes. When it comes to China-based electric vehicle manufacturer Nio (NYSE:NIO), it’s fine to focus on the company’s most recent operational update. Yet, don’t be too hasty when trading NIO stock.

The company still doesn’t have positive earnings, and Nio’s “prudent” warning about vehicle delivery disruptions should remain top-of-mind for prospective investors.

It’s no secret that China’s on-again, off-again Covid-19 lockdowns can hinder the country’s business activity. Supply chain disruptions wreaked havoc on many companies’ operations in 2022, and it’s hard to predict how this problem will impact Nio and other automakers in 2023.

So, before the Nio perma-bulls celebrate any perceived victories, they should consider the company’s macroeconomic and operational challenges. Indeed, this year could be just as unrewarding for Nio’s shareholders as 2022 was.

What’s Happening with NIO Stock?

Shockingly, NIO stock has lost two-thirds of its value over the past year, dropping from more than $30 to just $10 and change. Along the way, dip buyers and self-styled value hunters were disappointed again and again.

Always remember: Just because a stock has gone down a lot, doesn’t mean it’s a bargain. Before jumping into the trade, prospective investors should have convincing evidence of a likely turnaround.

It’s awfully difficult to find this type of evidence, however, when Nio CEO William Li is warning of “sales challenges” for the company in the first half of 2023.

Usually, chief executives are overwhelmingly optimistic, so this cautionary pronouncement from Li is notable and somewhat alarming.

New Update Doesn’t Invalidate Nio’s ‘Prudent’ Press Release

In late December, Nio “prudently” revised its fourth-quarter 2022 vehicle delivery forecast lower. The new quarterly prediction was 38,500 to 39,500 delivered vehicles, compared to the previous outlook of 43,000 to 48,000 vehicles.

We already mentioned Li’s statement about “sales challenges,” and Nio also warned that it “has been facing challenges in deliveries and productions, together with certain supply chain constraints” due to Covid-19-related issues in China.

Consequently, Nio was unable to reach its “full capacities,” as there were “disruptions on delivery and registration procedures involving users.”

This is certainly a cause for concern. NIO investors may also observe that going back to late 2018, the automaker hasn’t had a profitable quarter.

For what it’s worth, Nio did provide a recent vehicle delivery update which indicated monthly, quarterly and annual growth. That’s encouraging, and it’s why Nio doesn’t deserve an “F” rating right now. Still, none of this means financial traders should dismiss the aforementioned statements from Nio and its chief executive.

What You Can Do Now

Many of Nio’s shareholders are holding a heavy bag from early 2022. Will they get some relief this year? Anything’s possible, but Nio’s lack of profitability and persistent operational challenges shouldn’t be ignored.

Two teens injunct EC from conducting District level elections in Lower Manya Krobo


Two teenagers in Lower Manya Krobo Municipality in Eastern Region have secured interlocutory injuction from the Koforidua High Court against the Electoral Commission conducting the District level election scheduled to be held on January 17, 2023 in the municipality.

The applicants Michael Tetteh, and Angel Agyemang, both residents of Agormanya and Asitey respectively are restraining the respondent, the Electoral Commission and its agents or officers from conducting the District Level Elections in Lower Manya Krobo until the final determination of the case on violation of their constitutional right to vote in the upcoming elections pursuant to article 33 of the 1992 constitution of Ghana.


According to the applicants, the commission has failed to conduct voters registration exercise to enable them to register having attained 18 years.

Paragraph 8 of the affidavit by the applicants states “that since turning 18, we have not had any opportunity to register in order to vote or be qualified to be elected as Assembly Members in the Lower Manya Krobo District Assembly.”

They added “we have been further advised and believe same to be true that our right to vote is likely to be contravened if the Respondent is allowed to conduct the district level elections in Lower Manya Krobo district level election”.

The applicants prayed the court to restrain the Electoral Commission from conducting the elections until the commission conducts the voters registration exercise in accordance with article 45(a) of the constitution. The Electoral Commission is mandated to compile the register of voters and revise it at such periods as may be determined by law.


The Municipality was scheduled to hold the district level election on January 17, 2023 which
a total of 127 male candidates are vying to represent their electoral areas whilst 280 are contesting the Unit Committee polls.

The district level elections was not held for eight years in Lower Manya Krobo due to a dispute between the Municipality and Dangme West District, now known as Shai-Osudoku over 11 electoral areas created at Akuse.

The dispute which started with the defection of some of Akuse assembly members to the then Dangme West District, was, however, settled by a Supreme Court ruling in favour of Lower Manya Krobo.


The election of Assembly members and unit committee members was immediately held in 2013 and subsequent periods however the election has not been coterminous with the national calendar of the electoral commission.

Meanwhile, Konor of Manya Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Sakite in a petition dated 12 December 2022, called on EC to reconsider mainstreaming the district level elections in Lower Manya Krobo with the national routine.

“…we wish to kindly plead and appeal to the Electoral Commission of Ghana to reconsider its decision in the conduct of the Lower Manaya Krobo District Level Elections in January, 2023 to enable the district join the nationwide District Level Elections in 2023.”

Youth Square held first “YS School Cultural Festival” Three activities led the way for the youth to unleash talent and energy

HONG KONG, Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Youth Square’s finale festival YS School Cultural Festival was launched on 17 December. With “Gathering of Dreams in N-Dimensions” as the theme, “YS School Cultural Festival” is the first multi-dimensional cultural event hosted by Youth Square and a youth-centric program inviting young people to unleash their potential and talent in vibrant ways. Youths can exchange their love for two-dimensional (2D) art with others while demonstrating their talent and energy in the three-dimensional (3D) world of real life. The four core activities include “Shoot! POP Figurine,” “Doujin Fan Fest”, “Ani-com Fantasy”, and “Style’Mov Camp”.

“Shoot! POP Figurine” features six 1.5M tall eye-catching figurines. The adorable and distinctive features attracted visitors to take selfies. The basketball and basketball machines specially designed by pop artists fuse pop culture and art, attracting a queue of basketball enthusiasts to check them out. Six local artists were present at workshops and sharing sessions to communicate with youngsters face-to-face. In addition, Hong Kong basketball players Cheuk Ting and So Yi Chun; sports program host, Ho Chun Yin and team members of “WELL DUNK!”, the Public Estate Basketball League organised by InspiringHK Sports Foundation Limited, were invited to the event as well. The two basketball players shared their basketball experiences and advice on striking a balance between basketball training and study to maximize one’s prospects in basketball. After the basketball skills demonstration, Cheuk Ting and So Yi Chun invited young players to participate in the “POP! Basketball Skills Challenge”.

A number of Japanese-style idol groups from Hong Kong, as well as cosplayers and performance lovers, appeared on the “Doujin Zone Stage” during the “Doujin Fan Fest”. Their performances and dynamic interactions with their fellow audience and performers heated up the entire Y Studio. The audience was impressed by their stage performances with contagious spirit and creativity. With kindred spirits exchanging ideas and inspirations, the “Doujin Cultural Market” became a place for communication for youngsters. A variety of handmade popular idols and cosplay accessories demonstrated exceptional creativity. University students were invited to be the stallholders to foster their entrepreneurial spirit as well. Youth Square provided a platform for cosplayers to come together, with their highly-realised characters or casual but cute costumes. A youthful vibe was spread throughout Youth Square, attracting people with similar interests to stop by and share with each other. “Doujin Fan Fest” also featured a “Cosplay Prop Making Workshop” where attendees could enjoy the fun of creating their own costumes.

Located on 5/F and 6/F, “Ani-com Fantasy” created an all-rounded Instagrammable area where popular anime scenes from “SPY X FAMILY”, “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” and Hong Kong comics “The Ravages of Time”, became reality. It allowed youth to transform into popular ani-com characters and travel from the 3D reality to the 2D anime world of their fantasies.

Through YS School Cultural Festival, youths are encouraged to live out their passion and chase their dreams. Other than expressing their enthusiasm for art and culture by participating in cosplay, cultural market, exhibition, and street dance, youths can also showcase their talent on stage. Through talks and workshops, youth were enriched with a better understanding of the art and culture industry and prepared for their future career development. “Style’Mov Camp”, a two-day communication and experience camp, invited professional street dancing instructors and street dancers to share their expertise. B-boy Think, the seeded player of Hong Kong Breakdancing Team for 2024 Paris Olympics, with two street dance tutors, Frankie Chan and Jose Urbano had attended the closing sharing session. Through the sharing, participants not only experienced various dance genres, but also got the chance to connect and exchange with other young dancers. Individuals who want to pursue their dreams in the dancing industry were able to get advice on career planning and creative expression.

YS School Cultural Festivalinvites Hong Kong youth to break the boundaries and magnify the power of youth and dreams!

Youth Square YS School Cultural Festival” event details:

Date: 17 December 2022 (Sat) to 16 January 2023 (Mon)

Location: Youth Square (near Exit A, Chai Wan MTR Station)

Admission: All are welcome, please visit Youth Square’s website and social media for details

“Shoot! POP Figurine”

This unique exhibition space is put together by six local MixSport+ Figurine art units with international exhibiting experience. In addition to their illustrations, six 1.5M tall figurines, basketballs and basketball machines designed especially for YS School Cultural Festival are debuted to the public.

Date: 17 December 2022 (Sat) to 16 January 2023 (Mon)

Time: 11am7pm

*Extended opening hour on 17 and 18 December from 10am to 8pm

Location: Y Platform, 1/F , public area, 5/F & 6/F

Ani-com Fantasy

Ani-com carnival is sweeping Youth Square! There is a number of popular anime-themed Instagrammable spots including “SPY X FAMILY”, “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” and Hong Kong comic “The Ravages of Time”. With innovative technology, participants can transform themselves into popular anime characters, and travel from the 3D reality to the 2D anime world of their fantasies.

Date: 17 December 2022 (Sat) to 16 January 2023 (Mon)

Time: 12nn – 8pm

Location: Public area, 5/F & 6/F

Please download high resolution photos here.

Youth Square

The Youth Square, which came into full operation in 2010, is a youth development project of the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government, with an aim to be the hub of territory-wide youth development activities for youth to develop their potential. Youth Square facilities include the 643-seat Y Theatre, Y Studio, multi-function areas and the Y Loft which has 148 guest rooms. Youth Square has been conducting events under three themes, including “Music & Dance”, “Arts & Culture” and “Community Engagement”. Youth Square is located in Chai Wan and is managed and operated by New World Facilities Management Company Limited on a non-profit making basis.

6G model is Youth Square’s guiding principle. 6G refers to Groom, Grow, Glow, Green, Global Vision and Give Back. Official website: http://www.youthsquare.hk

Y Loft

Y Loft is conveniently located, 3-minute walk from Chai Wan MTR Station. The 148-room Y Loft is located in Youth Square’s Main Block and Hostel Block. Room selection includes Twin, Twin Room with Balcony, Triple, House of Six, Duplex and Accessible Rooms.

New World Facilities Management Company Limited

New World Facilities Management Company Limited is a non-profit making company and a subsidiary of New World Development Company Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 00017.HK). Embracing the mission of youth development and supporting youth to contribute to society, we strive to develop Youth Square as the platform for youth to exchange knowledge and experience and to develop and discover their potential.