How B2C Marketers Can Use a B2B Content Marketing Approach



Savvy marketers have always understood the fundamental distinctions between B2B and B2C marketing. At the most basic level, these differences boil down to who you’re directing your messaging toward. B2C marketers sell to everyday consumers, while B2B marketers sell to other businesses — or, more specifically, key decision makers at target companies.

However, since the onset of the global pandemic — and, really, the explosion of the internet — the line between B2B and B2C marketing has blurred. Whereas the B2B industry once relied on in-person interactions to push leads down the sales pipeline, today, it has taken a page out of the B2C playbook and employed more digital outreach.

However, it’s not just B2B borrowing from B2C. Increasingly, we’re seeing B2C marketers deploy B2B-style content marketing strategies to boost brand awareness, build trust and credibility with audiences, and generate sales.


But First, the Brass Tacks…

Although content marketing has both B2B and B2C applications, there are a few differences between the two spaces that are worth discussing. For one thing, B2B marketing tends to take longer. That’s because getting a B2B sale across the finish line often requires more consideration and approval from multiple stakeholders. It’s not uncommon for B2B buyers to require proof of return on investment before they’ll sign on the dotted line — and for good reason.

When a B2B buyer makes a decision, that choice doesn’t just impact them in their role. Rather, it has a ripple effect across the entire organization. That added pressure means buyers rely on logic and facts, not emotion, to make important buying decisions. They want to know how your product or service will save them time, capital, and headaches, and they use thought leadership content to figure that out. Indeed, 63% of B2B buyers use educational content to decide whether an organization can address their business’s unique challenges.

Unlike the one-to-one relationships B2B marketers build with company decision-makers, B2C marketers often target a large pool of general consumers. As a result, B2C marketing is more transactional in nature. That’s not to say you don’t have to build relationships with B2C buyers — just that consumers are less likely to spend hours trying to understand why they should invest in your offering. If they can’t find the answers they seek in five minutes or less, they’re more likely to move on to the next company.

That’s why so much B2C marketing involves simple, easy-to-understand messaging with a clear value proposition. Consumers want variety, convenience, and personalization at scale. And though they want to know that your offering will improve their lives somehow, they’re not necessarily looking for the concrete numbers that B2B buyers require because they’re not beholden to a C-suite.

3 Content Marketing Lessons for B2C Marketers

With those key differences in mind, here are three lessons B2C marketers can take from B2B-style content marketing.

1. Invest in your target audience earlier.

In B2C marketing, you often see ads that are meant to prompt consumers to hit the “buy now” button as quickly as possible. But what about the consumers who aren’t yet ready to buy but could be with a bit of encouragement? That’s where a B2B content marketing approach can be beneficial. Instead of catering only to consumers who are at the decision stage, create thought leadership content that engages your target audience earlier in their journey.

This content will look different depending on your offering. For example, if you’re an outdoor lifestyle brand, you might publish a guide on the country’s best hiking trails and include outdoor gear recommendations for each location. Doing so will engage those top-of-the-funnel folks who, at this point, just want more information. And once they’ve decided to pull the trigger on one of those hikes, they’re more likely to stock up on your gear.

Online home goods store Public Goods offers an example of B2C content marketing in action. In addition to its product photos, it also shares a monthly in-season produce guide. This thought leadership strategy not only makes sense for Public Goods’ brand, but also positions the company as a helpful resource.

2. Lead and connect with education.

As we already discussed, education is critical to any successful B2B content marketing strategy. B2C companies should take note. After all, the vast majority of consumers do not trust traditional advertising, and a whopping 83% of consumers will ditch any brand they deem opportunistic. Thankfully, content is one of the best trust-building tools in a marketer’s arsenal.

So start creating persuasive content that shows target consumers how your product or service will improve their lives. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and make sure there’s a good variety (e.g., blog posts, guest articles, infographics, checklists, quizzes, videos, social media posts, emails, etc.). No matter what type of content you create, however, it must be educational in nature.

B2B content marketing works so well because it’s focused squarely on solving the customers’ pain points. If you’re authentically helpful, the sale will come naturally when the consumer is ready. For example, capsule clothing and lifestyle brand Carly Jean Los Angeles uses its blog to cover topics ranging from fashion to cooking to party planning. Though the brand’s ultimate mission is to sell more clothes, the content doesn’t exist just to push products. As a result, CJLA comes across as more authentic and helpful.

3. Marry paid efforts with organic customer acquisition.

In this digital-first world, many companies — especially B2C — rely heavily on paid advertising. But if you’re a small to midsize company, that’s not always financially feasible. So it’s important to match your paid strategy with organic customer acquisition.

Paid efforts help keep your pipeline full, but building a complementary content marketing strategy that drives organic and referral traffic back to your website is more cost-effective. And if you have a variety of calls to action, you can capture an even larger audience than those coming for transactional purposes.

For an example, look no further than Artifact Uprising. If you Google “how to take good phone photos,” one of the brand’s blog posts appears on the first page of search results. This article answers a common question that’s directly related to Artifact Uprising’s offering. And even though it’s not pushing a sale (at least, not right away), it’s still a great way to get the brand in front of more people. All told, the brand broadens its reach without having to pay for ad space.

Content marketing has often been considered a B2B play, but it also works well in the B2C space. B2C marketers can (and should) study B2B-style content marketing strategies to see how they can use the same approach within their own four walls.


2022 tied as world’s fifth-warmest on record, scientists say


  • NASA said temperatures were increasing by more than 0.2C per decade
  • US NOAA ranks 2022 as the sixth warmest since 1880
  • Concentrations of CO2 in atmosphere last year reached levels not experienced on earth for 3 million years

BRUSSELS: Last year was the world’s joint fifth-warmest on record and the last nine years were the nine warmest since pre-industrial times, putting the 2015 Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global warming to 1.5C in serious jeopardy, US scientists said on Thursday.

Last year tied with 2015 as the fifth-warmest year since record-keeping began in 1880, NASA said. That was despite the presence of the La Nina weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean, which generally lowers global temperatures slightly.

The world’s average global temperature is now 1.1C to 1.2C higher than in pre-industrial times.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Thursday it had ranked 2022 as the sixth warmest since 1880. European Union scientists this week said 2022 was the fifth warmest year in their records.

Climate assessments produce slightly different rankings depending on the data sources used and the way records account for minor data alterations over time, for example, a weather station being moved to a new location.

NASA said temperatures were increasing by more than 0.2C per decade, putting the world on track to blow past the 2015 Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global warming to 1.5C to avoid its most devastating consequences.

“At the rate that we’re going, it’s not going to take more than two decades to get us to that. And the only way that we’re not going to do that is if we stop putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,” said Gavin Schmidt, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Schmidt said he expected 2023 to be slightly warmer than 2022, due to a weaker La Nina cooling phenomenon.

“The global mean temperature will be even higher in 10 years from now,” said ETH Zurich climate scientist Sonia Seneviratne, adding that unless countries stopped burning CO2-emitting fossil fuels temperatures would continue to climb.


Weather extremes

The changing climate fuelled weather extremes across the planet in 2022. Europe suffered its hottest summer on record, while in Pakistan floods killed 1,700 people and wrecked infrastructure, drought ravaged crops in Uganda and wildfires ripped through Mediterranean countries.

Despite most of the world’s major emitters pledging to eventually slash their net emissions to zero, global CO2 emissions continue to rise.

Concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere last year reached levels not experienced on earth for 3 million years, Schmidt said.

At this year’s COP28 climate conference, countries will formally assess their progress towards the Paris Agreement’s 1.5C goal – and the far faster emissions cuts needed to meet it.

COP28 host the United Arab Emirates on Thursday appointed the head of its state-owned oil company as president of the conference, sparking concerns among campaigners and scientists about the fossil fuel industry’s influence in the talks.

Bullying, power and control: why people believe in conspiracy theories and how to respond

From vaccine uptake to violent extremism, conspiracy beliefs are linked to distrust in major institutions or powerful figures.

Research developed in the last decade shows how conspiracy beliefs can be linked to people’s lack of control in their lives, feeling threatened or even workplace bullying.

Conspiracy theories are defined by psychologists as “explanations for important events that involve secret plots by powerful and malevolent groups” without any basis in fact. Followers point a finger at groups they think of as powerful, from scientists and doctors to minority groups such as Jewish people, and blame them for events or societal change.

Conspiracies, where powerful figures secretly plot to undermine something or someone, do exist. The Watergate scandal involved a break in at the US Democratic National Committee headquarters by burglars connected to President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign.

The burglars were caught wiretapping phones. Nixon tried to cover up the crimes but journalists uncovered his role in the conspiracy. But the difference here is that there is evidence to back up what happened.

However, conspiracists insist their theories are true even when there is no evidence that holds up to scrutiny. Still, conspiracy theories can be persuasive. Millions of British people believe in at least one. It’s a worldwide phenomenon.

Psychology of conspiracy theories

Studies in the early 2010s showed how non-pathological factors, such as uncertainty, are linked to why people turn to conspiracy beliefs. In 2017 psychologist Karen Douglas and colleagues argued the wide appeal of conspiracy theories is their promise to satisfy psychological needs. These include desire for certainty, control and meaning, and to maintain a positive image of yourself and the groups you identify with.

Feelings of anxiety and threat increase during a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. People want to make sense of turbulent societies.

But conspiracy theories do not satisfy the psychological needs that make us reach for them. A 2021 study found conspiracy beliefs don’t lessen anxiety or uncertainty. If anything, there is some evidence people’s sense of existential threat and anxiety increases when they engage with conspiracy theories.

A less well understood factor is collective discrimination, where a group experiences being harmed by another group.

But researchers are getting closer to finding out why conspiracy theories are adopted by a group of people. It can be linked to lack of trust in institutions or society. Work in 2002 showed discrimination experienced by African Americans was associated with their heightened beliefs that HIV is made by humans deliberately. This idea still circulates today.

Research in 2020 found discrimination experienced by gay men in the UK was connected to their conspiracy beliefs about HIV being human-made. Such research underscores the links between conspiracy beliefs and distrust in powerful figures found in minority communities.

In a study into how conspiracy beliefs develop, Greek participants who thought their country historically suffered more than other nations were more likely to be conspiracy theorists. Research with similar study designs have found the same results in French and Polish participants.

Linked to bullying

Our recent research was inspired by previous work linking conspiracy theorising and people’s sense they are being victimised. We focused on workplace bullying. Unlike collective discrimination, bullying is personal, with a power imbalance between the bully and the victim.

Bullied victims report increased feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Being bullied seems to increase the risk of believing in a conspiracy theory.

We carried out two studies. The first study recruited 273 British participants online. We measured participants’ past experiences of workplace bullying by asking them report whether they experienced a range of incidents, such a colleague withholding information which affects a co-workers’ performance. The more negative acts a participant has suffered, the stronger their tendency to engage in conspiracy theorising.

Participants who experienced workplace bullying were more likely to report increased paranoia – to wonder what hidden reason another person may have for doing something nice for them.

In the second study, 206 British participants were asked to imagine they had joined a new work place in the last six months. Half were asked to imagine being bullied in the new workplace (for example being shouted at) or being welcomed. Those who were asked to imagine about being bullied reported an increased general belief in conspiracy theories.

Tackling conspiracy beliefs

Our work highlights how conspiracy beliefs can form in response to circumstances that could happen to anyone. When a hostile environment primes us to search for meaning, we may find a conspiracy explanation appealing.

Research has also started to find solutions to the problem. In 2018 one study found giving people a greater feeling of power reduced the intensity of conspiracy beliefs. Encouraging people to think analytically, which prompts deliberate processing of information, also helps curb the emergence of conspiracy beliefs. Developing these skills in adolescents and conspiracy believers is essential.

Challenging people’s misconceptions about how popular conspiracies are could be effective. For example, one study found giving information to UK parents with anti-vaccine beliefs about other UK parents who did vaccinate their children reduced conspiracy beliefs.

We do not know what tools will work outside of the lab. Mentorship for bullying victims, which has been shown to help people feel more secure, could be a promising place to start. And considering the devastation conspiracy theories can wreak, we can’t afford not to try.

Daniel Jolley received funding from the British Academy and Not Equal.

Anthony Lantian received funding from the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) and from the (French) National Agency for Research/Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).

IIFT MBA 2023: Answer key (Steps to download), Cut offs, Result and more

IIFT MBA 2023: Answer key (Steps to download), Cutoffs, Result, and more…

Satish Kumar

Students who appeared for the exam can check the answer key at official website- or


A fee of Rs 200 per answer key is required of candidates. The NTA will verify any challenges presented by the candidates with the help of a group of subject matter experts. The solution key will be revised if its accuracy is verified. The updated final answer key will be used to prepare and release the results.


IIFT MBA 2023: How to download the answer key

Step 1: Visit the official website or

Step 2: Click on the answer key link given on home page

Step 3: Portal provides two ways to check the answer key. First by logging in through application number and password and second by logging in through application number and password

Step 4: Download the answer key

Step 5: Challenge the answer key if required

IIFT 2023 Expected Cutoff

IIFT cutoffs will vary across branches of IIFTs – IIFT Kolkata, IIFT Delhi, and IIFT Kakinada. Candidates will have to clear the cutoff of the IIFT they wish to take admission at. Only shortlisted candidates will be shortlisted for the further IIFT selection process.

IIFT Sectional Cutoff (expected)



No. of Questions


Maximum Mark

Cut-Offs (for General)

Section 1






Section 2






Section 3






Section 4










120+ (Gen. Category)

100+ (EWS/OBC Category)

80+ (SC/ST Category)

(Relaxation for girls: 5 to 8 marks)

IIFT Sectional Cutoff by Experts

Section name

IIFT Sectional Cutoff









Previous year IIFT Sectional Cutoff

Section name

Total marks

General/ Gen-EWS/ OBC-NCL

SC/ ST/ PwD/ Kashmiri Migrants/ Non Migrants

General Awareness
















IIFT 2023 Result

National Testing Agency (NTA) will release IIFT 2023 result in online mode probably in the first week of February. With the help of the IIFT result 2023, candidates can get to know about the score obtained by them both overall and section-wise. Registered candidates can download their IIFT 2023 scorecard by entering their login credentials.

Time Management – Ways To Get Things Done Inside Your Online Business

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Smoking and Dementia: Exploring the Studies

Studies surrounding nicotine and reduced dementia risk and improved learning and memory have sparked interest in many people. However, smoking cigarettes significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease—a well-known risk factor for dementia development. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that as many as 14% of Alzheimer’s disease cases worldwide are potentially attributed to smoking. 

Many questions remain regarding the relationship between smoking and dementia risk. In this article, we will evaluate research surrounding smoking and dementia, highlighting the limitations of current research and the path toward a greater understanding of this relationship.

Smoking and Dementia Risk

While several studies have linked nicotine with improved cognitive function and reduced dementia risk, it seems the harmful effects of cigarette smoking may outweigh the potential beneficial effects of nicotine. According to the 2020 Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention, and care, smoking is the third largest modifiable risk factor for dementia. In later life, smoking was found to be the top modifiable risk factor for dementia.

A growing number of studies have linked smoking to an increased risk of the two most common causes of dementia: Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. 

Smoking, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Vascular Dementia

Although the prevalence of cigarette smoking appears to be declining, there are still approximately 1.1 billion smokers around the globe. Understanding the relationship between smoking, cognitive decline, and dementia risk and raising awareness will be important for reducing the prevalence of smoking and, consequently, the incidence of dementia.

A meta-analysis of prospective studies (with at least 12 months of follow-up) found that current smokers at baseline, relative to never-smokers, had a risk ratio of 1.79 for Alzheimer’s disease, 1.78 for vascular dementia, and 1.27 for all-cause dementia.

A more recent meta-analysis of prospective studies found that current smokers, compared to never-smokers, had a risk ratio of 1.4 for Alzheimer’s disease, 1.38 for vascular dementia, and 1.3 for all-cause dementia. For all-cause dementia, the risk increased by 34% for every 20 cigarettes smoked per day. They also found that former smokers did not show an increased risk for all-cause dementia, indicating that smoking cessation may reduce the risk of dementia to that of never-smokers.

The association between smoking and dementia risk is believed to be due in part to the link between smoking and the cardiovascular system. Because smoking increases the risk of stroke, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease, silent infarction, and atherosclerosis as well as increased oxidative stress and inflammation, smoking may impact the development of dementias such as vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Secondhand Smoke and Dementia Risk

Worldwide, an estimated 35% of non-smoking adults and 40% of children are exposed to secondhand smoke. Additionally, vulnerable people are disproportionately affected by secondhand smoke exposure due to having less control over their living and working conditions. Thus, understanding the impact of secondhand smoke exposure on dementia risk will be important for informing global and national strategies to reduce dementia incidence.

Although there are minimal studies analyzing the effects of exposure to secondhand smoke on dementia risk, preliminary studies are giving us some clues. One study found that moderate and high secondhand smoke exposure levels were not independently associated with dementia risk, where moderate exposure was defined as 16-25 years and high exposure was defined as greater than 25 years. However, they did find that those with high exposure and greater than 25% carotid artery stenosis had a 3-fold increase in dementia risk compared to those with no or low exposure (0-15 years).

A cross-sectional analysis of a national population-based study found that exposure to secondhand smoke may be associated with increased odds of cognitive impairment, with those with higher cotinine concentrations being at a higher risk of cognitive impairment compared to those with lower cotinine concentrations. Together, these studies suggest a possible dose-response risk, though further research is needed to confirm this relationship.

Limitations of Research Surrounding Smoking and Dementia

While a large body of research indicates that smoking increases dementia risk, these studies don’t come without limitations. Limitations of current research include the following:

  • Many risk factors for dementia that are related to lifestyle behaviors are difficult to isolate. There are several potential overlapping risk and protective factors that may influence study results. Smoking is associated with other lifestyle, dietary, and social factors. For example, people who smoke are more likely to use other substances, such as alcohol. Alcohol consumption (>21 units/week) is a known risk factor for dementia. 

    Additionally, smoking is more prevalent among those with lower levels of education and less education is a known risk factor for dementia. While adjustment factors for such situations can be utilized, many studies surrounding smoking and dementia do not adjust for these overlapping factors, whether due to limitations in available participant data or study design.

  • For many of these studies, smoking status is determined via a questionnaire, meaning it may not perfectly reflect the status of each participant. Additionally, exposure to secondhand smoke was not included in the majority of these studies which may slightly skew study results.
  • There are more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, with at least 250 known to be harmful. This makes it difficult to understand the specific chemical(s) influencing dementia risk.
  • Many studies assessing the relationship between smoking and dementia rely on outdated pencil and paper or computerized neuropsychological assessments, such as the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), for outcome measures. These assessments only test a small subset of neurocognitive domains and often produce noisy, highly variable data that lacks the specificity and granularity needed to determine dementia outcomes.

Although many of these limitations are difficult to eliminate, there are ways to improve clinical research in this space by utilizing newer neuropsychological assessment tools that assess a greater breadth of neurocognitive domains, offer high accuracy and reliability, and produce more granular data. Oftentimes, this can be accomplished by utilizing digital endpoints. Digital endpoints have the potential to offer previously inaccessible precision and accuracy and provide new, previously unattainable insights about the relationship between smoking and dementia.

100% Working Free Peacock Accounts To Watch Premium Movies & Shows Free in 2023 [Usernames and Passwords]

How often do you watch shows, movies, and documentaries? If you answered quite often, chances are that you are an avid NBC viewer. Peacock is NBC’s streaming platform that brings viewers easy access to all the popular NBC shows right on their mobile devices.

What’s great about Peacock is the authenticity of the content it brings access to. If you are sitting there wondering where you can watch shows, movies, sports, etc., Peacock is a streaming app that has got your back.

But, like most streaming platforms online, even Peacock is a paid one. You have to pay a recurring subscription fee to be able to access the content that you watch on the platform. Although the amount isn’t going to break your bank, paying it every month isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are sitting there struggling with similar situations, be assured that you aren’t the only person. But, what if we said that you can access Peacock for free? Sounds pretty great, right? Well, no one in this economy will ever be upset when presented with something for free.

This article will walk you through all the details you need to know about acquiring free Peacock accounts and why you need them too.

What is Peacock?

Peacock is NBC’s streaming platform, which has been around since July 2020. Everything that airs on NBC is directly accessible on Peacock. Be it movies, series, or shows, you can pretty much find everything on this platform.

From shows to sports, Peacock is one of the most versatile entertainment streaming applications that you can find online.

What’s great about this app is the fact that it brings you free access to a lot of enticing features that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get access to. The base version of Peacock is available for free but it comes with very limited content access.

Also, the free version isn’t ad-free, so that’s another downside you’d have to battle with this version. The premium or the paid version, on the other hand, brings you access to a variety of amazing features and exclusive content that is lacking from the free version.

When it comes to comparison, the free version contains around 15,000 hours of content. But the paid version comes with an additional and locked 5000 hours of content and adding.

What’s great about Peacock is the access to a variety of unique digital channels and digital-originated programming that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. The third-party content providers on this app are quite promising too. 

Peacock is also a very compatible app. From Android to iOS and even smart TVs and Roku, you can use this app everywhere without any worries.

What are the Free Peacock Accounts?

What are the Free Peacock Accounts?

As we just discussed, Peacock streaming app has two versions. You have the standard free version, which is the base version. Then, you have the premium or the paid version of the app, which includes a monthly subscription model.

The premium subscription-based versions of the app typically cost between $5 to $10 per month and provide the user access to all the locked and exclusive content that isn’t available otherwise. 

With the free Peacock premium accounts, you won’t have to worry about paying that extra amount each month. You can bypass the payment and directly use these accounts to view the premium content without needing to worry about paying anything at all.

Peacock comes with two types of paid subscription-based accounts. You have the Premium version and then you have the Premium Plus. Both of these paid versions are ad-free and bring you access to some of the absolute best content without any compromise.

What are the Working Peacock Accounts and Passwords?

What are the Working Peacock Accounts and Passwords?

Peacock is a streaming platform from NBC Universal, which means that everything that airs on this channel is available on Peacock. So, what makes the streaming platform different?

Firstly, with the streaming platform, you get the convenience of watching your favorite shows, sports, and even live TV right from the comfort of your smartphone. You don’t have to rely on televisions or need to record the show to be able to watch it later.

Also, NBC is US-restricted. This means that if you aren’t a resident of the United States, you won’t be able to access the TV channel. This is where Peacock comes into play as well. Since the app is available on a global scale, it isn’t surprising that you can easily access the app from anywhere.

All the free accounts that we have sorted in this article are safe and won’t compromise any of your data. The only thing you need to ensure is to respect the username and password. The last thing you want to do is change the password or tamper with the account.

What are the Peacock Premium Accounts with Tier-2 Membership?

Peacock Premium costs $5 per month and $49.99 per year. If you aren’t able to upgrade to the premium version due to the cost, these free accounts should help you sort out the issues altogether.

Even the Premium version comes with ads but they aren’t as compromising or intrusive as the free version. Also, the premium version brings you access to 7,500+ hours of content with easy access to 24×7 virtual channels. So, entertainment is never going to be an issue with you.

If you want to get access to the Tier-2 membership without paying anything extra, the following is the list of accounts to try out:

  • – 693545244 
  • – firyoGilk19 
  • – Goalkeeper37 
  • – tricnog5ed
  • – dai62783 
  • – Artemisia1 
  • – austin6308
  • – Darkness13
  • – Aldoavalos1469 
  • – Apingora14 
  • – Turtles123 
  • – Ajv2001#56 
  • – eflay@toi 
  • – Spotlight13

All of these accounts are working and backed with Tier-2 membership. So, if you want to get direct access to the same, what we’d recommend you do is try out all of these individual emails and see which ones are working for you. If you find one or a few of them not working, it likely means that the password has been changed or the account is temporarily unavailable.

What are the Peacock Premium Accounts with Tier-3 Subscriptions?

Moving on from the Tier-2 subscriptions, let us walk you through a list of all the Tier-3 subscriptions. The best thing about these accounts is access to even better and more hours of exclusive and premium content that isn’t otherwise available in the free version.

Tier 3 is the Premium Plus version, wherein you get access to all the top-notch and exclusive content with as few ads, this is the one. Also, the users get access to the download version with this subscription, which is a bonus.

For your convenience, we have shortlisted all the Peacock premium plus accounts with 1-year subscription:

  • – Pa$$w0rd23 
  • – southern12 
  • – Scols1990! 
  • – questfire101 
  • – Lnichole11

All of these accounts are 100% working and safe. You can enter the email and the passwords in the designated fields and use the accounts. There are no verifications required.

Are there any Peacock Premium Modded Accounts?

If there’s an app, there’s a mod version of that particular app. The same applies to Peacock Premium as well. While we have shortlisted some of the free Peacock Premium accounts in this article, we understand that having access to the modded account or app makes the process even easier.

Most of the modded accounts and passwords that we have found are valid for 6 months. We will be updating the list after that too. So, once your account stops working, you can always come back and check for more.

  • – Flores1213 
  • – queenie12345 
  • – Incorrect18 
  • – iloveher!01 
  • – Doctorl21!

When downloading any mod apk of Peacock, practicing caution is important. The last thing you want to do is end up downloading the apk from a random platform that’s not safe at all.

What are some of the Legit Peacock Premium Accounts?

Although we have shared a bunch of working Peacock Premium accounts and passwords already, you can never have too many. Since these accounts are constantly changing their passwords for security purposes, it isn’t surprising that the last thing you want is to stay stuck with one account.

Hence, having a diversity of options mean that you won’t have to stick to just one. You can now have access to multiple accounts that you can scroll through and check for your perusal.

Following are a few more of the legit Peacock Premium accounts you can save for future use:

  • – Brandon123 
  • – Maddogg0900 
  • – Shallower1 
  • – 31EABE4800 
  • – Apache1790 
  • – Superman52 
  • – Pupping123 
  • – Dabeast123 
  • – Chanchan23 
  • – Scooby1988

Since Peacock TV is only available in the United States, you might have to use a VPN if you live elsewhere. In such cases, we’d recommend that you only use paid VPNs and not free ones. The paid VPNs come with a no-log policy and better security, which are some added perks.

Can I get Peacock For free?

Can I get Peacock For free?

If you reached this section of the article, you must be thinking, “Aren’t all these above accounts free?” Technically, yes. However, these are accounts that aren’t yours. So, there’s always that risk that the password will be changed or the account will be disabled.

How will you access Peacock TV then? 

This is where we have accumulated a few legit ways in which you can easily access Peacock TV by getting access to free accounts in legit way.

1. Using Xfinity Home Internet

The first and the easiest way to acquire free Peacock TV access is by using Xfinity home internet. If you have Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex, you are eligible to get a $5 discount on the Tier-1 Peacock TV subscription, essentially making it free.

So, if you don’t mind a few intrusive advertisements, you can go ahead and watch the content on this streaming platform for free if you use this ISP.

2. Using Coupert

For those who are clueless, Coupert is a couponing website. If you want to avail the free Peacock TV Premium account, you can do so using Coupert. The coupons available on this platform provide you with a discount on the premium account.

Besides the coupons, users also get to avail of cashback on this platform, alongside points, which you can accumulate and then redeem later.

3. Using American Express Platinum Card

Lastly, you can enjoy some free access to the Peacock TV Premium version by using the American Express Platinum card. Users can avail of up to $20 in free credits each month using this card, which can fetch you the Peacock Premium subscription for free.

Are the Free Peacock Accounts Safe?

Are the Free Peacock Accounts Safe?

If this is your first rodeo with the free Peacock Premium accounts, being skeptical about the authenticity of these apps is common.

You aren’t the only person questioning the authenticity. Don’t worry though because almost all these accounts are safe and from reliable sources only. They won’t access your data or infiltrate your system with malware.

For added security, you can check out these emails and passwords in incognito mode on your browser before accessing them normally.


If you live in the United States and want to keep up with all the latest NBC shows and live TV, Peacock TV is an app that has got your back. However, their premium plans can be a lot more expensive than what many can afford.

For the users who don’t want to lose out on the premium subscription privileges but don’t want to pay as well, we have managed to sort out a list of all the top-tier Peacock TV accounts that you can look into. Almost all of these mentioned accounts are working in the list.

Also, all the accounts listed in this article are free and safe for you to use on any of your devices. There are no additional verifications required, so all you have to do is enter the credentials and get started.

North America Aesthetic Laser and Energy Devices Market Industry Insights, Drivers, Top Trends, Global Analysis, Forecast, and Opportunities to 2023-2033

CRIFAX added a report on ‘North America Aesthetic Laser and Energy Devices Market Analysis Report, 2023-2033’ to its database of market research collaterals consisting of overall market scenario with prevalent and future growth prospects, among other growth strategies used by key players to stay ahead of the game. Additionally, recent trends, mergers and acquisitions, region-wise growth analysis along with challenges that are affecting the growth of the market are also stated in the report.

The North America Aesthetic Laser and Energy Devices Market Analysis Report              in North America region is anticipated to observe a vibrant growth during the 2023-2033 period. This can be attributed to the growing developments in the healthcare sector as a result of rising research and development activities in this industry. The increasing initiatives taken by various research institutes and organizations for improving medical facilities and services are further leading to the market growth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a prominent public health institute of the United States, provided grant funding for a large number of healthcare initiatives in the region in 2018. The initiative such as vaccines for children and chronic disease prevention & health promotion received the highest portion of resources with 50.87% and 10.07% of a total of USD 7,496,307,789 respectively. This was followed by HIV/AIDS, viral Hepatitis, STI & TB prevention which received 9.82% as well as injury prevention and control with 5.66% of the funds. The growing number of health disorders and rising demand for improved treatment and preventive measures have led to the technological advancements in the medical industry.

Click to Download Sample Report :

On account of growing personal expenditure on healthcare in the United States, the healthcare industry in the region is developing at a rapid pace, thereby resulting in the growth of the North America Aesthetic Laser and Energy Devices Market Analysis Report. The personal healthcare expenditure in the country has witnessed a significant increase in the past decade from USD 1,804 Billion in 2006 to USD 2,834 Billion in 2016, which resulted in an average annual percent change of 4.6% during this period as reported by CDC. Hospital expenses accounted for the highest share with 38.2% of the total personal healthcare expenditure in United States in 2016. This was followed by physician & clinical, prescription drugs and dental expenses which held 23.5%, 11.6% and 4.4% share respectively. The inclination of the population to spend in this industry in exchange for enhanced technologies and advanced treatment methods as well as dental and hospital care is estimated to give rise to the growth of North America Aesthetic Laser and Energy Devices Market Analysis Report in the North America region by the end of 2033.

Request Sample For More Insights :

Furthermore, to provide better understanding of internal and external marketing factors, the multi-dimensional analytical tools such as SWOT and PESTEL analysis have been implemented in the North America Aesthetic Laser and Energy Devices Market Analysis Report. Moreover, the report consists of market segmentation, CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate), BPS analysis, Y-o-Y growth (%), Porter’s five forces analysis, absolute $ opportunity and anticipated cost structure of the market.

In Q4 2021, U.S. current-account deficit widened stood at $224.8 billion. However, in Q1 22, CAD rose by 29.6%, reached to $291.4 billion, adding $66.6 billion to the gap. Export of good and services increased by $25.7 billion to reach $1.03 trillion in the first quarter of 2022. However, country’s goods and services deficit was $79.6 billion in June, down $5.3 billion from $84.9 billion in May, revised- reflecting some sight of relief. On the other hand, annual inflation rate in the country hit 8.5%. Energy CPI surged by 32.9% in July 2022, inflating the cost of logistic and signs to disrupt supply chain whilst electricity cost upsurged by 15.2%, highest since Feb 2006. Apart from that, In July 2022, existing US home sales declined 5.9% to 4.81 million (seasonally adjusted annual rate), the lowest since May of 2020 and below market expectations of 4.89 million. As mortgage rate touches highest at 6%, sales for houses declined for a sixth consecutive month. Global energy crises to remain at focal point impacting the economic activity in the U.S, pushing consumers to spend less on the products and services and save more.

On the other hand, the worst is expected to be seen in the European countries, especially during 2022 winters. The energy and gas crises has already started grappling the region, wherein many Western European countries including Germany is looking for coal fired solutions to tackle the gas supply shortage created by Russian-Ukraine conflict.

Amidst global concerns, market players have started looking for safe investments by holding on to the new technology and product launches. Factors like currency translation, disruption in global supply chain, Anti-China sentiments brewing across the globe, slowdown in Chinese economy, inflated products prices, USD getting stronger every week, decreasing purchasing power and strict measures taken by central banks/institutions across the world to ensure less spending and more saving, could hit the demand for the product and service badly in near future.

Healthcare Companies and Private Service Providers to have a minimal damage Caused by Inflation:

As US govt. remains committed to quality by spending more in the Medicaid and Medicare programs, incentives by govt. to medical devices, pharma companies and biotech to benefit the market players in short and long term goals. In 2021, U.S. spent $12,318/person on healthcare- highest amongst all OECD countries followed by Germany at $7,383. The federal government commitment towards healthcare systems to enable market players expanding their revenues and mitigating the risk posed by the inflation. 


CRIFAX is driven by integrity and commitment to its clients, and provides cutting-edge marketing research and consulting solutions with a step-by-step guide to accomplish their business prospects. With the help of our industry experts having hands on experience in their respective domains, we make sure that our industry enthusiasts understand all the business aspects relating to their projects, which further improves the consumer base and the size of their organization. We offer wide range of unique marketing research solutions ranging from customized and syndicated research reports to consulting services, out of which, we update our syndicated research reports annually to make sure that they are modified according to the latest and ever-changing technology and industry insights. This has helped us to carve a niche in delivering ‘distinctive business services’ that enhanced our global clients’ trust in our insights, and helped us to outpace our competitors as well.

Exploring The Reasons Behind Katy Perry’s Absence From The 2017 Grammy Awards & What The Future May Hold

The 2017 Grammy Awards saw some of the biggest names in music take the stage, but one name that was noticeably absent was pop superstar, Katy Perry. This was the first time in nearly a decade that the “Firework” singer had not made an appearance. Despite her absence, many of her fans and colleagues wondered where she was and what she may have been doing instead. With 2017 marking the start of a new era of Perry’s music, it has left many to speculate the reasons behind her absence and to ponder the possibilities of her return in future years. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind Perry’s absence and discuss what her future may hold.

At the 2017 Grammy Awards, Katy Perry used her performance to make a political point. Her track, Chained to the Rhythm, is a political song that is both political and disco bop. She and her collaborators bowed their heads before the Constitution when they finished the performance. Katy Perry performed her song Chained to the Rhythm during theGrammy Awards. Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by a number of artists, among them the singer. Give us a gift today, and we can keep Vox free for as long as you want. We anticipate that by the end of the year, 3,000 new gifts from readers will be added to our list.

Who Won Grammy Best Album 2017?



The 2017 Grammy Award for Best Album went to Adele for her album 25. The British singer-songwriter beat out stiff competition from Beyoncé, Drake, Justin Bieber, and Sturgill Simpson for the coveted award. Adele’s powerful yet emotive vocals and songwriting resonated with audiences around the world, leading to the album’s commercial success and critical acclaim. 25 became the most-downloaded album of 2015, and its success was reflected at the 2017 Grammy Awards, where Adele won a total of five awards.

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards were an extraordinary night for music, with Jon Batiste and Silk Sonic leading the way in terms of awards. Jon Batiste walked away with five awards, including Best R&B Song for his collaboration with Anderson Paak, “Leave the Door Open,” in addition to Best R&B Song. Bruno Silk Sonic, Mars and Anderson Paak’s collaboration, came in second place with four awards, while Mars was third with three. As a result, the night was also a huge success for legendary music producer Quincy Jones, who won his first Grammy in 1964 for his arrangement of Count Basie’s I Can’t Stop Loving You and went on to win several more awards later in life. A Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to him as a tribute to his accomplishments and years of service. Furthermore, in addition to the Lifetime Achievement Award, Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars, the same artists who won multiple awards as Silk Sonic, presented it. For the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, the stage was set for an unforgettable night of performances and heartfelt performances. Quincy Jones received the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Jon Batiste and Silk Sonic made history with their performance, but it was Quincy Jones who stole the show. It was a night to remember, one that celebrated some of the most significant music in history as well as the industry’s future.


Who Won Grammy 2017?



The 2017 Grammy Awards were held on February 12th 2017. Adele was the big winner on the night, taking home five awards including Album of the Year for her critically acclaimed album 25. She also won Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance for her hit single ‘Hello’. Other big winners on the night included Chance the Rapper, who won Best New Artist, and Beyoncé, who won Best Urban Contemporary Album. Beyoncé also received nine nominations, the most of any artist, but she ultimately only won two awards. It was a night full of exciting performances and memorable moments, and it is sure to be remembered for a long time.

There were also awards for best rap album, with Drake’s “Coloring Book” winning, as well as best record of the year, for Beyonce’sLemonade, and best Willie Nelson song, “Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin.” John Scofield’s jazz solo I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry was awarded the jazz solo award. There is a regional Mexican music album (including Tejano) available. Donde estn? by Vicente Fernndez It’s a combo made up of Jose Lugo, Lucia Guasbara and others. The Secret Service Agent 23 has been revealed. Carol Burnett’s Skidoo Spoken Word album In Such Good Company: Eleven Years of Laughter, Mayhem, and Fun in the Sandbox is a must-have.

Patton Oswalt has released two albums since 2003: Talking for Clapping, a comedy album, and The Color Purple, a musical theater album. Miles Davis’ “Miles Ahead” – a compilation of various artists, including Miles Davis. ” The Force Awakens” is a film from the Star Wars franchise. It’s A River I’m Sailing by John Williams, composer of Song Written for Visual Media Can’t Stop The Feeling! The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 12 (Collector’s Edition), Dutilleux: Sur Le Mme Accord; Les Citations, and Trolls are the titles in the collection. Dungarty: Tales of Hemingway, American Gothic, and Once Upon a Castle are in the Classical Compendium, as are Beyonce Music Film Formation and Hemingway: Tales of Hemingway. ” The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, Tourney Years”, a video produced by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Scott Pascucci, and Nigel Sinclair.

Since 1959, the Grammy Awards have served as a valuable source of recognition for the music industry. The Recording Academy honors the most accomplished musicians and performers in a wide range of genres each year. Each of these winners has received the award three times, with Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and Taylor Swift being the recipients. Michael Jackson’s eight Grammy Awards wins in one night set a new record during the 26th Annual Grammy Awards. This was an incredible accomplishment, one that is still widely regarded today. These artists not only have received awards for their outstanding musical achievements, but they also have been honored for their innovative spirit, creativity, and outstanding contributions to the music industry. These characteristics have distinguished them as among the most successful and influential musicians of all time, cementing their place in music history.

Where Was Katy Perry Born



Katy Perry was born in Santa Barbara, California on October 25, 1984. She is the daughter of pastor parents, Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson, and was raised in a conservative, religious environment. Perry began singing in church as a young girl and went on to pursue her singing career after graduating from high school. She eventually signed with Capitol Records in 2007, and has since released a number of popular albums, such as Teenage Dream and Prism. Her signature style has helped her become one of the most successful female artists of all time.

Katy Perry: Power Of Music Unites Despite Religious Barriers

Katy, who grew up in Santa Barbara, California, made her music debut in 1997. Christine Hudson was born to Pentecostal ministers Mary and Maurice Keith Hudson. Non-religious music was strictly prohibited in Hudson’s household as a child, and she grew up singing church hymns and gospel tunes. Katy Perry was raised in a strictly religious environment as the middle child of two nomadic Christian ministers. Her parents instilled in her the values of their faith through her upbringing. Katy, despite having a difficult upbringing, has managed to carve out a successful music career and is now one of the world’s most popular singers. Through her music and performances, she has been able to bring joy to millions of people all over the world, demonstrating the power of music over all forms of religious oppression.

Katy Perry



Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter, and actress who has been in the music business for over a decade. She is best known for her hit singles “Firework” and “Roar,” as well as her iconic music videos, catchy hooks, and electric live performances. Perry first broke into the music scene with her debut album One of the Boys in 2008, which spawned the hit singles “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold.” Since then, she has released five studio albums, including the most recent, Witness, in 2017. Her music is often described as being upbeat, pop-inspired, and catchy, while her live shows are known for their grandiose production, creative costumes, and dynamic energy. Perry has become an international superstar, selling millions of copies of her albums and singles worldwide.

How Much Money Is Katy Perry Worth?

The introductory paragraph is written. Katy Perry’s net worth was estimated to be $330 million as of December 2022. What is this? She is an American singer, actress, and songwriter who grew up in Santa Barbara, California.


European shares rise with focus on German inflation data


Article content

European shares rose on Tuesday as investors awaited consumer prices data from the region’s largest economy, Germany, while a jump in energy stocks lifted UK’s FTSE 100 in its first trading day of the year.

The pan-regional STOXX 600 rose 1.6% in early trading, to its highest level in more than two weeks.

Article content

Germany’s CPI data, due at 1300 GMT, could provide a preview for inflation in the euro zone, with investors waiting to see if cost pressures in the region have weakened after the European Central Bank’s aggressive monetary policy tightening.

Article content

German consumer prices, harmonized to compare with other European Union countries, are expected to have risen by 10.7% on the year in December in the preliminary reading, compared to an 11.3% increase in November.

“If we see a slowdown in German and the euro zone CPI which is due later this week, it could help European stocks gain a little bit, but it may not change the ECB’s hawkish stance,” said Ipek Ozkardeskaya, senior analyst at Swissquote Bank.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said inflation was expected to peak at the start of 2023 before then retreating.

European stocks ended their first session of the year higher on Monday after euro zone manufacturing data suggested the worst had passed as supply chains begin to recover and inflationary pressures ease.

Article content

“We saw very effective PMI figures and we are also seeing the natural gas futures continue to dive, which means that the energy cost for European companies is getting cheaper due to the very mild weather that we have right now in Europe,” said Ozkardeskaya.

Data on Tuesday also showed material shortages eased further in Germany’s manufacturing sector towards the end of the year.

UK’s FTSE 100, which has been closed since a shortened session on Friday, rose 2.1% on Tuesday to briefly touch its highest level since June 2022 supported by a jump in oil majors BP and Shell.

Among individual movers, Deutsche Bank rose 1.3% after the German lender’s finance chief told daily Boersen-Zeitung it is on track with its restructuring targets and will retain its forecasts until 2025 despite the risks from the Ukraine war, aggressive inflation and recession.

Germany’s Brenntag gained 5.6% after the chemicals distributor disclosed it is ending talks with smaller U.S. rival Univar Solutions on a possible takeover. (Reporting by Bansari Mayur Kamdar in Bengaluru; Editing by Savio D’Souza and Nivedita Bhattacharjee)