Trust is the primary goal of any online marketing effort.

Everything you do online should be done to increase the trust that others have in you.
“Others,” in this case, includes both the initial new users and the existing customers of Numia. When you have the trust of those two audiences, you’re perfectly positioned for long-term success.

As there is say by David Temple “It’s easier to build trust offline because you have an office, a store, a physical manifestation of your presence. Those signals make it easy for people to trust you. Online you don’t have those same signals so you have to build them”.

And the other one from Debra, “Your site may be functional from a usability standpoint, but if it doesn’t build rapport or contain credible content, visitors will leave and place their confidence elsewhere”.

One great way to generate trust online is to contribute, be a member of communities that are of interest to your company, and respond to topics that may not be in your direct line of business.

So thats why, Numia have both forums and blogs to have its discussions going on and also too to respond to your needs. We need you to be open minded and share your feel on using our product. If it is good we would be happy and if there is any issues we would change it. All comments are given by you are appreciated by us.